30 fingers&toes

"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"


Mountains of laundry

I just did three loads of laundry yesterday. I folded and sorted it out into the kids laundry baskets, had the husband haul them upstairs to their rooms and sent the kids up to put away their clean laundry.

Today I went upstairs with the empty laundry basket that all three kids are to toss their dirty clothes into, it had been down in the laundry room until it was emptied and my jaw nearly hit the floor when I walked into the girls room. It was like their closet and dressers threw up all over their floor. There was dirty laundry everywhere! I don’t really get it. I always thought boys were going to be far dirtier/messier than girls. I was completely wrong on that.

That being said, Aidan can have him moments. Sometimes he needs to either undress before coming into the house or go directly into the laundry room to undress. I could fill a sandbox with the amount of sand he used to bring in.

This weeks mission is to go through the girls clothing and start to purge. I know Madeline has too much because she gets whatever Isabelle grows out of. Isabelle is running low on things but I believe Grandma is coming to the rescue for that.

I feel like laundry is a never ending task for me and I can’t wait to teach the kids how to use the machines. Slowly we are working on this. They like to help push the buttons and turn dials. Now if only they were tall enough to fill the soap and fabric softener dispenser!!

The other problem of laundry is that I hate my laundry room. I love that I have main floor laundry, although with the amount of kid laundry I wish I could turn the upstairs hall closet into another laundry room. My laundry room is small. Oh so small. There is a closet but the shelves in it are crappy and we really should build better ones. The kids also use the laundry room closet to hang their backpacks. It also houses the bin of dog food. As well it’s the place we throw just about everything when company is coming over at the last minute!

When I needed some down time from my assignments today I spent a lot of time searching Pinterest for ideas on how to refresh our tiny laundry room. Sadly, a lot of the idea I liked just won’t work in ours because of the window in the room. I’d like to take the machines off their pedestals but the laundry sink creates a problem for the dryer door to open properly. Sigh. I may just have to live with a crappy laundry room.