30 fingers&toes

"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

A little about my family

Welcome to our family!  My name is Leanne and I’m married to a wonderful husband who I shall call *I* and we have three children.  Isabelle was born Feb/08 and our twins Madeline and Aidan were born Mar/09.  That’s right we have 3 under 3.  We orginally started our blog because we were living up in the Northwest Territories and it was a way to keep our family in friends up to date on our life.  We decided after the twins were born, well before really, that we needed to move back home to be closer to our famillies as we knew we were going to need a lot of help!  So we packed up our family which also consists of two very large labs, and made the move down from the North and across Canada back to Ontario.

This blog is still to keep family up to date on us as the kids provide us with daily entertainment, even their terrible moments somehow turn into entertainment for me.  So please feel free to follow us along on our crazy journey of having 30 fingers and toes!

2 thoughts on “A little about my family

  1. I can totally relate. My older son was born 3/8/2008 and my twins were born 1/23/2009, 10 1/2 months apart!


  2. I have 5 ages 9, 7, 5 & twins 4. My 5 yr old & twins are just 11 months apart. I had 5 5 & under when the twins came along. CRAZY! My sanity has been shot. LOL


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