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Bon Retablissement or for us english speaking parents…Good Recovery

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I totally had to break out Google on my phone to figure out what Bon Retablissement meant and I’m not ashamed to say so! There is a thingy (technical French term) missing over the “e” because I have zero clue how to make my keyboard do that.

Aidan brought Madeline a stack of cards that each of her classmates made for her to wish her a good recovery! She wasn’t having the most awesome afternoon so this really helped bring a smile to her face.

Just when Madeline seems to be improving we have a set back. For instance the other night I posted about her recovery and it seemed she was doing fairly well. I went to bed and then an hour later Madeline was up in tears because the pain had just become too much. I felt like a total failure of a parent because I should have known better and given her meds before bed time. The Dr prescribed Morphine for her to take at home. She can also have Tylenol. As you can imagine she gets pretty doped up on the Morphine. She seemed to be managing throughout the day with just the Tylenol. By 10 pm this was not the case. She was in some serious pain. I felt awful. So the strong stuff was given and I managed to get her to settle and fall back to sleep.

Last night we had the same problem despite giving Morphine through out the day but in a smaller dose. Today she has done much better with out the Morphine. And she has finally realized that she needs to be a bit more honest with us about her pain levels. Tonight at dinner, a dinner she was really looking forward to, she had another set back. She had some crazy ear pain that brought her to tears. Poor kid, just wanted her roast chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner but didn’t feel up to eating with her ear hurting so much.

If that wasn’t enough, she managed to slide off the bench at the dining room table, scrap the back of her knee, bump her elbow, bum and head on the floor.

I am really looking forward to her feeling much better. With all the pain and tears she’s been through it’s been hard to find the positive. However, I managed to find a little while listening to her sleep. There is next to no snoring (she’s a little congested) and no more apnea! Madeline is also sleeping in better! I know the pain of this won’t last much longer and I’m so glad that she’s starting to sleep better already!

Madeline misses her friends at school and knows that they miss her too. She was really happy when a friend of hers sent her a video message! Madeline, despite her throat being sore, managed to send a quick and quiet message back to her friend! Madeline sure is lucky to have such wonderful friends!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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