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So summer is over and the kids are back to school and so am I. Today I am working on my classes and hope to have at least 2 assignments handed in and one ready to be handed in later this week.

I am using some break time I made for myself to try and post an update on our life. All is well. Aidan seems to be over his pneumonia. We are still having some post nasal drip issues however. I believe there will be a trip to the Dr for him in the near future to discuss our next step for this. He has yet to gain his 1.5 lb loss also.

Isabelle is doing well. She’s having some pain in her mouth because two of her new teeth are coming in where her old teeth still are! She is scheduled to meet with a dental surgeon next week and he will remove 4 of her baby teeth. Down the road she will likely have more teeth removed and the Orthodontist said the dreaded word “braces” at our appointment. Isabelle, likely her siblings too, have serious over crowding issues in their mouths. Fingers crossed that just pulling teeth will do the trick!

Madeline is doing well. Her surgery is coming up in two weeks! I can’t believe it’s coming up so quickly. This week I have a teleconference with a nurse to do her admissions and also I plan to book Madeline and I on a “Surgical Safari.” This will give Madeline a chance to see the hospital. Where she will be before and after surgery. As well as give her a chance to ask any questions. After surgery Madeline will come home and be off school for the week. She’s fairly bummed about missing school but the all you can eat ice cream, pudding and Jell-O and apple sauce has helped to cheer her up some. We are hopeful that this surgery will help improve Madeline’s sleep quality. Hopeful it will also result in less throat and ear infections too.

The school year is off to a fairly good start. Aidan’s first day wasn’t awesome as he was punched in the face at the end of the day. We still aren’t exactly sure why this occurred and where the teacher was either. Aidan and his face are just fine though. Both Aidan and Madeline are enjoying grade one. I had no worries about Madeline starting grade one, Aidan is a different story but has managed to surprise me! He has already brought home some pages of practicing his letters and he writes in his agenda every day! Hooray Aidan!

Isabelle is also enjoying school and loves her teacher. I hope for a better year for Isabelle. Last year was rough and she just needs a better year this go around. Isabelle can do far better in French that she gives herself credit for. Hopefully she will find her voice this year and be able to speak up more in class.

As for me, well I took on three courses this semester. I think I managed to find the three heavy courses!! All three have in person final exams. One teacher has already said that it is possible to ask to write a final early. One of my classes while heavy, I should be able to finish early and hopefully will get permission to write the final early. If I can do it a month early that will give me a month to study for the other two which I will write in December. Crossing every finger and toe and body part that will cross that the kids stay relatively healthy this fall/winter and I can really focus on my studies.

In being an adult/homeowner sucks news: We need a new roof. Boo. This week we are getting quotes from some of the local roofing companies and then will have to decide when the right time will be to do the roof. One company has told us that we could wait until after winter but that he would be surprised if we didn’t have problems during or after winter. Just what I wanted to hear. So if they all say the same thing then it looks like we will be needing to have this done before the snow flies. This makes me want to crawl back into bed and never leave.

Jersey is doing well. She’s on some pain meds for her back and hip. Poor girl. For my next break from school work today we will go around the block. It would be awesome if she didn’t poop on the nicest manicured lawn today!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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