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Ever have that moment where you want to walk away from parenting but remember you wouldn’t last 2 seconds in jail?

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I had one of those moments today. Mornings and after school is usually trouble free for us. I never claim to be this super mommy who has everything handled and the dishes clean and the laundry folded. I am far from that. In fact I have no desire to be that. I am the lucky mom to three pretty nifty kids. They have their moments and I have mine but for the most part things run pretty smoothly.

The wind is blowing like crazy today. My original plan was that if the rain held off I was going to surprise (torture) the kids with walking home today. I’m so tired of the who sits where drama in our van that walking makes much more sense. Madeline thinks she will be able to scream and cry her way out of this, well I have one word for her…..iPod! Back to the wind. Because we live in the land of no trees the wind comes ripping across the farm field and will literally take Aidan with it. I decided much safer to just drive today and not have to worry about him blowing into traffic.

We aren’t even out of the playground and Madeline is asked by a friend to go to their house so I say sure. Instantly Isabelle is demanding that she go too. Well for starters this is Madeline’s friend and second you weren’t asked. I said all this to her in my most patient mommy voice. However Isabelle then instantly throws her head back and starts crying and saying, scratch that, angry screaming that it’s not fair that Madeline always gets to go to her friends houses and that she doesn’t. This doesn’t fly with me, but I chose to ignore at this moment because just as she’s having her freak out the boy child starts whining that he wants to play at the park and he wants to play with his friend at the park. I send Madeline off with her friend and try explaining to Isabelle again that she needs to let Madeline have her own friends just like Madeline needs to do the same for her when the situation is reversed.

As we head for the van I can see that no one is staying to play at the park today and I can’t say I blame them. However kids don’t care that it’s 60km/h winds. They just want to play at the park. And for a brief moment I was almost going to say yes. What do I care, I can sit in the van and watch them until they realize it’s too damn windy!!

Just as I was about to say yes, Isabelle throws her head back again and starts wailing about how it’s not fair and waa waa waaaaaaaa…..I’m sure it was words but that was all I heard. So I decided nope that was it. We were going home. This sends Aidan into his, I HATE OUR HOUSE!! I never want to go home, I want a new house. So I said it….I said “fine, get out and go find a new house.” Not my best moment. That was the teeny tiny moment that I just wanted to walk away from parenting but remembered that I would not last in jail. Maybe I sound like an awful Mommy. However I know that I am not the only one who feels like this or has these moments.

I love my children so much it hurts but no one told me ever that raising little assholes…er I mean kids was so hard. And this moment I’m having really isn’t all that big of a problem. I’m actually quite surprised it happened on a Monday. This shit usually happens on a Friday!!!

So we made it home. The boy child who wanted a new home got to spend a few minutes in his room. He came downstairs and said he was sorry he said he wanted a new home. He did say he only said it thinking that I would go with him to this new home. Haha. The fiery red head dried her eyes and quietly went downstairs to watch some tv, but not before saying she was sorry too.

Only and hour before Madeline comes home and then once it’s dinner they will start arguing about who sits where at the dinner table. I may have to just let them sit at the table and wonder how they are going to get their dinner while I just sit quietly at the table. That has thrown them for a moment before.

I love them so much that one day I will print this blog and give their future spouse a copy!!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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