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The word of the day is Fever

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It seems that a 24-48hr fever has been going around the twins class. So both girls are home today with fevers. Madeline’s has gone down a little but Isabelle is still hovering near 40 degrees. When Aidan had his fever it only lasted 2 days so hopefully the same will happen for the girls.

Madeline had her hearing test a few weeks ago and we were told that her hearing is excellent! Great news for us! We were worried because she had at least 5 ear infections starting in October and her last one was in March. She did still have fluid in her right ear which will hopefully have drained out by now. I never realized just how long it takes for fluid to leave the ear! 8-10 weeks we were told! I was getting worried last week when Madeline mentioned her right ear was sore but it seems to be feeling fine now.

Madeline was referred to the Sleep Clinic and we met with her Dr to discuss her sleep issues. Over the winter Madeline could be heard snoring at night. It was so hard to tell if it was due to how congested she has been since October. She is on a prescribed nasal spray which has been helping with her post-nasal drip and easing some of her congestion. I was checking on the girls one night and Madeline was snoring away and so I decided to record it. So glad I did.

When we were speaking with the Dr I got the impression that Madeline didn’t seem to fit the typical profile of a kid with sleep apnea. She’s always the first one up. She isn’t having trouble at school being tired. She’s active when it’s an activity she enjoys. She doesn’t have much trouble going to bed. So I felt it would be a good idea to play the audio clip of Madeline sleeping while healthy. The conversation changed quickly. He is sending her for a sleep study. He also feels though that Madeline would benefit from seeing an ENT. The cases of children with Sleep Apnea is rising, mainly because kids weren’t usually diagnosed with it and because removing the tonsils and adenoids would help their sleep troubles. However what they are finding now is that the child will improve once those are removed but then later in adult life they fall back into having sleep problems and will then be diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.

Madeline is not psyched about having this as her first sleep over. This leads us to anxiety. Madeline has been dealing with a lot of anxiety for a 6 year old. She worries about odd things and we are doing our best to help her through those worries. My hope is that once we get her sleeping better these anxieties will either lessen or hopefully just go away.

Her sleep study is in May and we will begin to talk about that in a few weeks. I find we need to tell her things well in advance to give her the time to worry and talk it out with us. I am looking forward to her having this done and also speaking with an ENT.

Hopefully we are on the right track to help Madeline! I just gave the girls a strawberry yogurt smoothie popsicle. I’m sure this is helping their mood!

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