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Je ai une dent qui bouge

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If you such at French like I do and need your children to translate for you, this means “my tooth is loose.” Madeline was excited this morning to tell her teachers that she has her first loose tooth! Her dilemma was that she wasn’t sure how to tell them. Thankfully Isabelle saved the day and said “Je ai une dent qui bouge” to which I said “huh?” She laughed at me a little. I just explained to her that she will have to be my French translator from now on! She is quite happy with that title!

It seems that Madeline is following in Isabelle’s footsteps yet again. Isabelle turned 6 and her teeth got notice to start falling out. Madeline turned 6 and already you can see her two front bottom teeth coming up through the gum! One of her bottom front teeth is also loose and she is thrilled about this!! I find this rather amusing since it was only a few months ago that Madeline was in tears because she was afraid of her teeth coming out!!

Aidan on the other hand show no signs of teeth coming up yet nor are any of his loose. This also doesn’t surprise us as Aidan was always the more slow and steady one to catch up to the girls. This is perfectly okay with me as it lets me hold on to at least one of them not growing up at warp speed.

Isabelle is has two teeth that are lose however I think she has stubborn teeth like me. Despite all our best efforts to wiggle them and her new teeth pushing them out of the way, they just won’t come out. I’d rather not have to take her to have them removed at the dentist. So we will give them a bit more time. Perhaps it’s time for dental floss and a door being slammed? She’d likely never let me near her mouth again after that though!!

The weather is crappy today. It’s dull and dreary and raining. This also brings headaches for me. As I write I am enjoying my first of many cups of coffee today. I can also see that my hour on the treadmill might be replaced with hiding in bed under the covers.

I am still waiting on the final grade for my Keyboarding course, the teacher still has one assignment and my final to mark. So it could be a few weeks still. I did awesome in my other course and now have 5 more plus 2 electives to go and then I’m done. I had planned on taking 3 courses next but then was reminded that I would be working on them in the summer with three kids home. So I have decided it will be better to just take one and then when they are back to school. So far I am really enjoying this course. It’s so nice to use my brain for something new.

Now I must go perform back surgery on Madeline’s lamb. Poor thing is coming unstitched. I think it may be time to retire her lamb to a shelf soon and be loved from a distance. I’m not sure how many more times this poor thing can be sewn up. Just add animal surgeon to my list of duties!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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