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snow pants…………

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While there is no snow on the ground, it was chilly enough this morning the kids opted for snow pants. I believe it was in September I had the kids try on their snow gear. Apparently I wasn’t paying much attention when doing this. I was trying to be prepared so that when winter shows up I would be ready. This morning Isabelle puts her snow pants on, zipped them up and snapped them closed. She then bends down to pick up her boots and the zipper comes open and the snap pops open. She doesn’t seem to notice. However when she tries to sit down to put on her boots there is obvious difficulty. She tells me it’s tough to sit down because her pants are too tight. I look at the tag and they are a 6x. Uh…yeah Isabelle hasn’t been a size 6 in a while….where was I on this one in September?!?

So after dropping them off at school, coming home to feed and let Jersey out. I set out on what turned into quite a journey to find snow pants. First I try 3 second hand places I know of. Next was Value Village, which even if I had found anything I probably wouldn’t have purchased, which should be renamed Stinky Smokey Value Village! Next was Winners, no luck. I was starting to think I was not going to find anything for her. I went to one last store before I was going to give up for the morning. I was getting pretty tired and figured I could probably find something online and have it shipped. At the last store I went to, they had snow pants in her size, however when you have three kids you are always looking for a really good price. Of course the snow pants that were on sale did not have her size. So she lucked out with a very bright pink pair of Columbia snow pants which of course were not included in the so called “Black Friday” sale. The sales person did tell me though that if I notice they do go on sale, I can go to any of their locations and get the price adjusted.

On a plus, I did find Isabelle a new winter jacket at one of the gently used stores. It’s big enough she will fit in it this year and next year as well! This now means that Madeline will get Isabelle’s current winter jacket as she seems to be having a lot of trouble with Isabelle’s last old winter jacket. Tricky zippers.

I am sure Isabelle will be thrilled with her new jacket and snow pants. However I am dreading the moment where she gets them. You see my children have MASTERED inflicting Mommy guilt. I have so far only even once given into Mommy guilt, however the child involved was totally not aware so I think it technically doesn’t count. Aidan will be the most cool about not getting something new, I am so thankful for him when it comes to times like this. Now if I were to give Isabelle or Madeline the coolest Army tank known to boys there would be hell to pay for sure! But when it comes to clothing Aidan could care less.

Madeline however is another story………sigh…….really big sigh……..

Madeline didn’t like when she got Isabelle’s last winter jacket and she will be cheezed off about getting Isabelle’s current winter jacket despite the fact that she still hates the other winter jacket AND has trouble doing up the zipper. She will be mad that she isn’t getting a NEW jacket (even though the new jacket is used) and she will be grumpy that she is getting Isabelle’s old snow pants too. Doesn’t matter that any of it is new to her….she knows it’s not NEW!

While it certainly is easier on the bank account that Madeline gets pretty much everything Isabelle grows out of, I do still try to get Madeline a few new things from time to time. However it’s just hard to please Madeline most of the time. And she is going to do her best super pout and grumpy pose/face and ticked of middle sister stomp to another part of the house. It always pains me a little to see her feel like she just gets the leftovers so I will have to work some Mommy magic today after school and make sure I’m ready to deal with a grumpy girl. I am kind of hoping that the cookies I got to go with our after school hot chocolate time will help just a little!!

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