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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

What a day….

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Isabelle has been fighting off a germ.  She’s had a low grade fever for a few days now and up until yesterday seemed okay.  Yesterday morning she woke up early because her throat was sore.  She could hardly get out the words to tell me so I just told her to keep quiet and come to lay in my bed until it was time to get up.  We didn’t let her play soccer that night because of her fever and this morning I realized I shouldn’t have let her even go watch soccer.  Her fever was up quite a bit and her voice was practically gone and she was in tears because her throat hurt so much. 

So I quickly fed the other two, thank goodness I made those muffins the other morning, and got everyone into the van.  Of course it was raining this morning.  Of course we couldn’t get a close parking spot because I also only had Isabelle’s princess umbrella.  At least Aidan thought to put on his rain coat this morning.  Thankfully the clinic was not busy with germ infested people.  The twins were happy to make faces at a new baby while we waited for Isabelle’s name to be called. 

Once called we crammed into the tiny appointment room.  We told the nurse what was up and she took Isabelle’s temp and then said the Dr. would be in soon.  That’s when the flood of questions started.  What does that do?  What’s that thing for?  Why is there a bed in here?  Why is there paper on the bed?  I don’t have paper on my bed!  What does that lady do that was in here?  Where is the Dr.?  Why are people Dr’s?  I’m going to be a Dr. Mommy.  What is this for?  Why is there a window?…….it went on and on.  Isabelle had a moment where she was worried the Dr. was going to give her a needle.  I don’t know why she thought this because no one mentioned needles to her.  She lay on the table quietly and waited for the dr.  Her only question to me was why was she shaking so much.  I tried to explain to her that when her body heats up with the fever, that her body will try very hard to cool itself and it’s not working too well.  I said we would give her medicine to help that once we were home. 

Dr. came in, checked her throat which was VERY red, swollen glands, fever, her checked her ears which Isabelle did not like because the tickle she got from inside her ear nearly made her barf.  Good thing she only had like 2 teaspoons of Strawberry Kiwi Applesauce before we left!  She’s on antibiotics for a week and hopefully we will see some improvement in the next day or so.

Once home, the trouble was keeping Isabelle in bed and the twins entertained but quietly.  It’s hard to explain to a 5 year old that by staying in bed and resting, you will get  better faster.  Madeline seemed to struggle the most today with Isabelle getting more attention that normal.  I try explaining to her that Isabelle is sick and therefore she needs my attention a bit more.  It’s so hard to be pulled in so many different directions.  The day dragged on so long I thought it was never going to be bedtime.  However bedtime was not easy today because the twins didn’t get to do much outside of the house, backyard to wet from this mornings rain and I needed to be close to Isabelle.  Isabelle was in bed for an hour tonight and is already up again because her cough makes her choke until she barfs.  So now she’s in my bed where I’m about to join her to watch a movie until she can fall asleep. 

The big guy is working late tonight, so hopefully when he gets home he can carry his little girl up to bed.  I hope this bug dies real fast.  I don’t like seeing her this sick and because it’s just me home, I feel bad for the twins too.

Being a mom sigh…..

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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