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Sold a home, searched endlessly for a new home, sickness and a new home

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So it figures that after Ian and I basically hit rock bottom with feeling like our home would never sell, it finally did.  It was really starting to hurt to see all the other homes on our street sell and not ours.  I was so glad the day we put the sold sign on the lawn!  Of course we thought selling our home was hard, it was crazy trying to find the new one.  However there are a few things in between I have to cover first.

For instance, I had a birthday at the beginning of this month.  And for my birthday I packed up a suitcase, well small duffel bag, and went stateside with my Mom for some shopping and relaxing.  We went to Grove City, PA and it was awesome.  It took us a few hours to get there in the morning but it was a nice drive and gave mom and I some time to chit chat away without being interrupted.  We arrived and started to shop.  About an hour into our shopping trip I received a text from Ian asking the whereabouts of a thermometer that had not been inserted into a child’s bum previously.  Turns out Isabelle was sick.  Ian didn’t realize just how sick until, he had her all dressed and ready in her jacket to walk to school, she puked on the floor.  Poor kid.  I checked in from time to time to see how they were all managing.  And of course Ian had it all under control.  It wasn’t until about 3pm that I noticed I was not feeling so hot.  Mom and I were shopping in a store when I felt the need to be outside in the cool air.  It was then I realized that whatever Isabelle had, I too had.  We called it quits for the day and went to our hotel to check in.  I went to bed for a few hours and slept like I used to sleep before children.  I felt well enough to try to have something to eat and by 8pm was feeling better again.  Hooray!  We had a full day of shopping the next day!  We had a great time on the rest of our trip and I hope it’s something we can do again next year!

The day after I returned home from my trip, it was time to pack up the kids and the van and head to Windsor.  It was our house hunting trip.  I had all these ideas in my head, that we would look at home from Sat-Wed and by Wednesday be able to put in an offer and hopefully have it accepted.  Then we would do our home inspection etc.  Well things never go as planned.  We must have looked at 50 homes.  And it’s not that we are overly picky, but there was always just something that didn’t quite work for us .  We are a large family and therefore have certain wants and needs with this house that we didn’t exactly have with our last place.  And our last(current) home has helped us realize things we want and need and other things that are just a perk.  What also didn’t help us in our search was the fact that a lot of the people weren’t ready to show their homes!!!  What the heck Windsorites!  I was only given 2 hours notice before my home was shown and we had roughly 2-3 showings per day sometimes!!  We lived show home ready and it was freaking frustrating, however I wanted my house to sell!  So there was a lot of waiting to see homes that we were really interested in!  We also ran into the typical problem of homes being sold and so having to find other homes to replace those ones.  Finally we had it down to two homes.  We chose, we put in an offer, it was countered and we accepted!  It happened so quickly that it didn’t really sink in until the next day!  We are just waiting to hear about our home inspection which happened today.  If all goes well, the conditions come off just before Christmas.

There is another story to this home buying business that I must include.  We were very grateful to Ian’s parents for agreeing to look after the children while we went out every day to see anywhere from 10-15 homes.  As the mother to these three, they are wonderful children, however I know how crazy it is to look after the three of them too.  And so I knew what my in laws were in for while we were out every day.  As you recall, Isabelle was sick days before we went away.  The day after we arrived, Madeline got a fever.  Lasted for a few days.  She didn’t even make it though a dinner one night, and fell asleep in my arms at the table.  Next Aidan got the fever and Maddy wasn’t entirely over hers.  And just like dominoes, Isabelle got the fever back a few days later.  All three kids were sick.  It was almost a tiny blessing because they were much happier to sit and watch tv than run around the house screaming.  That’s not to say that in their moments of feeling better that they did not run around the house, but for the most part they were happy to be still and quiet.  They even had a few special trips out with Grandpa and as well with their Auntie.  So despite the sickness they still had a pretty good time. 

They were certainly ready to go home by the end of the week.  I think Isabelle missed her routine of school and also being at home where she can do a bit more activities.  They were happy to come home, however getting them all up in the mornings has been a bit of a challenge since we are all still sick.  I can’t seem to get them to take a nap in the afternoon, so I guess it means we go to bed even earlier!  I too now have their plague.  I’m certain that I have bronchitis again.  The kids all have this terrible phlegmy cough and now I have it also.  I spent most of the morning coughing and not sleeping so today was just terrible.  I think I’m going to bed with Ian gets home from work.

Time for some chicken noodle soup.  I hope this sickness is gone before the holidays and more importantly for in the New Year, because that’s when all the craziness of cleaning, purging the house, packing etc starts.  Can’t wait to move!  Once everything with the house is finalized I will post a bit more about it.

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