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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

Boo Hoo….

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I’m having a pity party for one today.  I am this big round ball of stress and every day I have to work very hard not to take it out on the kids when they start to get on my nerves.  Lately, it feels like they are bouncing on them a lot!  To be honest, the kids are being good.  They have their moments, but I’m so overly sensitive to things that I find myself in time out more than them.  Sadly, I don’t think I’m doing a great job of keeping my stress to myself as I see Aidan is behaving pretty crappy.  He’s having a lot of tantrums.  Aidan already has a hard time expressing himself because his overbearing sisters are usually grabbing all the attention.  He’s quiet.  And he likes to think a lot.  He’s often in his own world and he’s happy there.  I love this about Aidan, he can play happily and quietly on his own, or he can usually play very well with his sisters when they let him.  So when Aidan feels like he’s not being heard or that he’s not getting enough attention, he sure has his way of letting me know.  He will yell and scream and stomp his feet, he will lay on the ground and just scream, he will literally throw himself around on the ground and make grunting sounds of anger.  The other day he did not want to walk home from school with Isabelle.  He would just stand there in the middle of the sidewalk with his arms crossed and shout ” I DON’T WANT TO WALK HOME!!!!  HUH!!!!  And he would just stand there.  So I did what all mothers would do, I think…..I left him there.  He was at least not standing in front of a driveway.  I would turn and check on him if I heard a car coming down the road.  But I left him there.  We walked the rest of the way home and I could see him.  He was crying so loudly, but wouldn’t come home.  I stood there on my little patch of front lawn and called to him to come home.  He screamed again that he didn’t want to walk home.  So I did the next thing I could think of and that was to go around the corner of the house so he couldn’t see me.  The scream got even louder.  And I though at this point I’m just going to have to get the little shit, put him over my shoulder and walk him home.  However, my tricked worked because as he screamed, he ran home.

Was a I wrong?  I don’t know.  I think Aidan has already forgotten about it.  But he’s been having a lot of these tantrums lately.  So I am trying to find a way to make Aidan feel special and make sure he knows that we love him just as much as the girls and that he doesn’t need to have these crazy moments.  Like I said, I think the stress around me and around the house is getting to the kids and Aidan has it the worst.  Madeline is second, she threw a car at Aidan’s head the other day.  That left quite the bump and bruise.  And another incident happened when Madeline and Aidan were wrestling, they bumped heads and Maddy’s tooth went into her lip.  The blood came quick and she managed to smear it all over her hand and face before I could even lift her up of the floor.  Thankfully the new carpet was unharmed.

The house.  It’s still for sale.  I want it to sell so of course it’s not.  Figures that the market here has to do some crazy stupid slow down death spiral when we go to sell.  And what’s more aggravating is knowing that all the good homes in Windsor that have come up for sale, have sold.  And what terrifies me is that our house will finally sell, and something stupid will happen with the market in Windsor.  I know it’s irrational, but that’s usually how things go for me.

It’s a cold, windy, overcast dull day today.  I was waiting for the phone to ring for a showing and then I had my plans already for what to do with the kids.  Of course the phone has not rung and after yesterday’s experience with taking the kids out, I’m not sure I want the hassle of going out today.  The longer I wait, the closer it gets to their nap time.  However the spawn don’t like to nap when I’m around.  They like to get up and out of bed, play cars, sing songs, pee every 10 minutes, any excuse to get out of the room, they find it.  Do you think this happens to the husband??  Nope, never.  They sleep.  It’s not like I can’t yell all big and scary like he does.  I can me loud, I can be intimidating, but they still do it to me.  We haven’t done a whole lot today either to make them overly tired.  Isabelle and Aidan tried to brave the cold wind outside for a little while, Madeline decided that she was not going outside.  So we stayed in and read some books.  Then they all came in and played quietly with their toys before lunch.  And now, here I sit debating as to whether or not a run to Walmart would be worth it.  I need milk and to get my watch battery replaced.  That’s it.  We would have to get a cart because the three of them walking around bumping into everyone is not cool.  Then it starts, one wants out, they all want out.  Or they want to switch where they are sitting.  All of this is of course met with a NO!!!!!  You wanted in, you wanted that spot, that’s where you stay.  And that’s when all hell breaks loose because now they are whining about it, then fighting with each other in hopes that if they find something wrong with the other, I will have to move them or take them out of the cart.  They think I don’t know these things…..what…was I born yesterday?  I’m either going to skip Walmart and go alone once Ian is home.  Or I will take them if they won’t nap.  I may make a possible stop at a dollar store for some colouring books that they can destroy once we get home.

All in all we are all doing well.  We had a cold for about a week, but it seems to be on it’s way out.  Only for another to follow I’m sure.  Please keep all your fingers, toes, legs anything you can crossed for us that the house will sell soon!  I’m tired of living in a home that doesn’t feel like mine, that has to be cleaned every damn morning and night.  I’m glad it’s teaching me to be cleaner, however this is just getting outta hand!!

Enjoy the new theme for the month, this is about as much as I will decorate for Halloween!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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