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First Day of School Part 2

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Today went really well.  Isabelle was still as excited as she was last week and once again had a great day at school.  We are still working out how much time we need in the mornings.  Turns out we are a lot quicker at getting up and ready than I had thought.  I think I can safely wake up a little later than 6:45am tomorrow.  We may need to revisit the time issue once the snow starts to fall and there is more to put on in the mornings.  Thank goodness the kids can all for the most part dress themselves in their outside gear.

Isabelle did notice that there were far more children in the playground area this morning.  We had been reminding her that there would be more kids when she went back to school, but of course that means nothing to a 4-year-old until they actually see all the kids.  I am glad that Isabelle does so well in the mornings when we get to the school.  So far we as a family have taken her and picked her up.  There will be days when it’s just myself and the kids or just myself and Isabelle or she will be with her Dad.  When we arrive, she gives us all a hug and a kiss, sometimes a few extras and then happily goes though the gate into the playground.  She now knows where her backpack goes when she first arrives and then it’s off to play.  She will wave to us from the playground and even run over to get one last kiss though the fence from Maddy or Aidan.  But she’s happy.  And that makes me happy.

I noticed that there was one teacher on yard duty this morning who seemed to be collecting all the little kids who were not quite ready to have their mommy’s drop them off.  When we arrived she had just one sobbing boy, by the time the bell rang she had about 4-5 little boys all crying for their mommys.  I felt for them.  And it again made me thankful that Isabelle is so excited to be at school.  I hope when it’s time for the twins to go that they will be just as happy.

These photos are from last Monday, the only difference from today would be Isabelle’s hair, she was still that excited to go to school so I didn’t take any more photos of her.

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