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Changes are coming

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As usual I find myself with little time and attention to write a post.  Its been quite some time since my last entry, as in I can’t even remember when I posted or what it was about.  We have been so busy with things lately that I just have not even thought about keeping up with the blog.  For you readers out there I do apologize and I realize I may not even have an audience anymore.  This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve talked to myself so I’m okay with it.

I’ve been keeping a secret.  We’re moving.  Most of you I talk to on a regular basis already know this.  It’s actually old news, but I just wasn’t able to post it and then when I could, I was so busy I never had the time.  We have been working hard lately getting the house ready to be put on the market.  We tidied up, cleaned out, painted, put in some new carpet, cleaned up the yard etc.  It took longer than we had hoped but the house is on the market just waiting for that right person to come along.

We also had a family trip to Evergreen Resort again this year.  We went twice last year and the kids loved it so much that we hope to make a yearly trip there as time goes on.  The kids enjoyed the lake, but loved the pool.  At least the girls did, Aidan is still not sure he likes being in anything larger than the bath tub.  The girls went down the water slide 3 times each and just loved it.  All three kids learned how to plug their noses and hold their breath to go under water!  They had a blast playing at the park and on the sandy beach.  It was a nice little break for us, I wish we could have stayed longer but it was time to come back to the house.  We’ve had a handful of showings and two open houses.  We are going to see how the week/end goes and then decide if we want to change the price at all.

Isabelle went to her school here in Milton for a 20 minute “meet the teacher and visit the classroom” visit.  Her teacher seems really nice and I think Isabelle will really like her.  On Monday, she goes back for a small group visit which will last about 20-30 minutes I believe.  Then her real first day of school is the following Monday.  Isabelle is so ready for this, that she didn’t quite understand why she had to leave the school today and come home.  While I’m happy that she’s in the morning class, I almost think that Isabelle is ready for all day JK and hopefully we will see what Windsor has in store for us school wise. 

The kids know about the move and are excited about it, but I think they have calmed down some since it’s taking a while for the house to sell.  They are certainly happier now that Ian and I aren’t as busy as we had been with getting the house ready.

Well my free time has come to an end.  Time to get dinner going so that we can hopefully have some time outside afterwards to play.  It was so hot and muggy today that we didn’t get outside yet to play.  I will do my best to keep posting a little more frequently now that Isabelle is starting school and I’m sure will have lots of stories to share.

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