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What should have been an easy job turned into a week long irritant

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It is a simple looking faucet.  Don’t let it fool you.  What should have been an easy job took us almost a week to get finished.  It started out well enough but there was some trouble reaching all the necessary plumbing parts behind the pedestal.  So out came the pedestal because obviously they would have bolted the sink to the wall.  Wrong.  After a loud noise and some swearing, I came into the bathroom to find Ian curled up on the floor trying to keep the sink basin from hurting him as is tore off some drywall before landing on him.  So after a trip to the hardware store for more supplies.  We got the wall all patched up and primed.  Tried again to put everything back together and then there is a leak.  Take everything apart again, put it back together again, leak.  Repeat this a few times before finally conquering all the problems, 5 days later we finally have a nice new, leak free, faucet.  Now to buy two more and change out the other bathroom faucets.  Thankfully these are not pedestal sinks and therefore should go a little smoother.

Regardless, well done to my husband for not throwing the sink out the door like I’m sure he wanted to and for only teaching the kids a few new swear words!

Author: 30fingersandtoes

Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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