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Some down time….

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I feel like I can finally have a bit of a break.  I feel like we have been busy since before Christmas with visits, outings, birthdays and other family events.  Now that our “busy season” has finally come to an end, I feel like I can sit back and relax a little.  No more birthday parties, cakes, decorations, cleaning up the house so people can come in.  It’s time to relax a little.  However this won’t last long.  I do need to make another annual sift though the kids toys and take out some of the toys that haven’t been played with or used in a long time.  And it really is time to clean out the basement and get things in order.  I think we’ve lived here long enough that we should do a really good spring clean up!  And then we can perhaps start to work on some of the small fixes this house needs.  My towel bar in my bathroom came off the wall a few weeks ago and I kind of miss it being there so hopefully that’s a fix we can do soon.  Also I think it’s about time I finally scrape the last of the wallpaper off the entry walls and get the house ready for some much needed paint!!  I am terrible and choosing paint colours and so I”m almost certain I will be going with one colour to do the whole house.  I can’t say how much longer we will be in this house and therefore I don’t really want to paint fun colours until I’m in a house I know I will be in for a while and will be able to enjoy.  Let the next people after us paint what they want.  I will just leave them a neutral palette that they can do whatever they want with.  Also for some reason my kids are really rough on the walls and so it would be nice to just have the one colour to have to touch up when needed.

As for the spawn.  They are all doing well.  They had a sleepover with Grandma E last night.  She came over so that the hubby and I could have a date night.  It was a much needed “grown up” night.  We haven’t had one of those in a while.  I didn’t let Ian in on my plans for us.  He was just told to be home on time from work and once he was home he was told how he should dress for the night, and not to eat too much before we went out.  I bought our movie tickets the night before so we would not have to wait in any lines just in case he was infact late from work.  We had a great time at the movie, we saw 21 Jump Street.  I don’t recall watching the show when it was on or re runs if that was the case.  I knew enough about the show to have an idea about what the movie would be like.  We both laughed the whole time and had a really great time.  We then headed over to Kelsey’s where we shared in our usual dinner from there.  It was really nice.  I hope we can do it again soon.  The kids were really good for Grandma.  They were treated to popcorn as a snack before bed.  And as well some little Easter gummies.  Then this morning they got to have breakfast with Grandma while I was lucky enough to sleep in a little extra!  Then I heard they did some Play Doh, colouring and of course some time with all the toys.

I have yet to book an appointment with our family dr for Isabelle.  She needs one last round of boosters before she can start school.  Might as well get that done before we get busy with the summer and forget.  Also I need to book a check up for the twins now that they are 3.  Also I’d like to get all three kids into an eye doctor and a dentist.  I’ve found a really good eye doctor that I’ve been to, now the trick is finding a good dentist.  There is a place here that deal with just children, so I’m going to check them out and a few other places and make a decision.

I hope the nice weather comes back soon.  The kids got used to the nice weather, especially the girls because they really enjoyed wearing their sun dresses and Aidan was enjoying all his cool t shirts.  Speaking of Aidan, he’s sporting a new hair cut.  I will try to post that tomorrow.  I only have the photos on my phone.  If you have facebook it’s on there also.

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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