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Time to update my phone list!


Yesterday I got to make a phone call that I’m certain no parent likes to make.  First I called our family doctor and when I got their long winded message about office hours and numbers to call etc, I realized that it was the weekend and they were closed.  Luckily they do provide numbers to call if it’s an afterhours emergency.  I quickly scribbled those numbers down and started dialing at the same time.  I reached a some guy who took my name, number and type of emergency.  He calmly told me a nurse would be calling within minutes.  And he did.  I once again explained my emergency, Isabelle has chewed/sucked on an airfreshener.  Within moments of finding her in the hallway crying, saying that someone had broke the air freshener and that she then put it in her mouth, she was throwing up.  Thankfully Isabelle is well trained to throw up in a toilet or bucket.  She continued to be sick while I spoke to the nurse.  The nurse seemed to think that Isabelle most likely did not ingest enough to make her very sick.  She showed no signs of breathing difficulty and was alert and responsive to all the questions I asked her that the nurse asked me.  She did however put us through to Poison Control because they could really make the call based on what the ingested.  However, PC also agreed that Isabelle was okay and just needed to be monitored until bedtime.  If she started to present any breathing difficulty that we were to get her to the ER right away.  The air freshener is oil based and if aspirated into the lungs she would run into many complications.  She said Isabelle was likely ill due to the taste, and the alcohol that is in it also.  The lady from Poison Control was fantastic.  She even called back at Isabelle’s bed time to check in to make sure everything was okay and that Isabelle was doing well.  And she is doing well and feeling well aside from her stuffed up nose.

This was a terrifying experience for me.  Ian also came home to make sure all was okay.  I bet that drive for him was just as terrifying if not worse.  I had no idea what to do, I mean I honestly never thought I would have to talk to Poison Control.  It also made me realize that I was seriously not prepared in the phone number department.  I can’t even tell you where a phone book is to look these numbers up.  This has made me sit back and re evaluate how much we (I) depend on the internet for things.  Need a number?  Google.  Need an address?  Google.  But that takes time, and I didn’t know how much time I had.  For all I knew, I was about to throw all three kids in the van and drive to the hospital.  What a fucking nightmare that would be.  Excuse my language, but as a mother of 3 toddlers it would be a @#*($(#*@) nightmare.  I’m so thankful that she didn’t get more in her than she did.  We had a very serious sit down with the three of them about how there are things in the house that they are NOT to put their little hands on.  They have their things and Mommy and Daddy have theirs.  And they are not to TOUCH ANYTHING that belongs to Mommy and Daddy unless we say so.  I realize they probbaly don’t retain much of this information, but I am going to make sure they do.

March 8th is coming.  What is March 8th?  POTTY TRAINING!  I hope to have the twins trained in 3 days.  I’ve read up on how to do this in 3 days, and Ian is going to read the manual as well.  And we are going to stay in, and get them trained and out of diapers.  I am so looking forward to this.  I swear if I have to change another stinky poopy diaper I might just make them do it themself!!  And honestly, diapers are stupidly expensive and I’m tired of paying for them.

I’m also looking forward to the day the kids can get themselves up, get their own breakfast, eat, clean up and just let me sleep in a little longer……

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

4 thoughts on “Time to update my phone list!

  1. That is scary!!

    Good luck with the potty training!


  2. Scary! And you make a good point. I dont even have a phone book in the new house. I’m going to find those numbers today and get them in my phones. And maybe finally get around to ordering a phone book. Thanks for this post and I’m so glad she’s ok.


  3. Ditto Morena, I need to get some fast dialing numberage near my phone! Kids do the weirdest stuff for no reason and totally randomly. I’m glad she is ok!!


  4. I gave my daughter a run down on emergencies the other day… like what if mommy needed help.. put a list of phone numbers near the phone so she can see them and made sure she knows exactly where we live and what to do if she hears the fire alarm! The other day i burnt something…ugh… well the alarm went off and she came down the stairs with brother in tow and headed straight for the back door…. wow… now if she could only listen when I tell her to put her books away!!


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