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A wonderful long weekend

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We had a fantastic time at Evergreen Resort!  I was sad to come home to be honest.  It was hard to take the kids away from a place where they were having the most fun I’ve ever seen them have at one time.  However it was time to go home and get back into our routine again.  The kids are still talking about the beach and the pool and making sand castles.  I really wish we had an extra person with us to act as our camera person because while we were able to snap some photos of the kids having a great time at the beach we missed out on some great photo ops at the pool.  Once all three kids are swimming this will be a little easier perhaps. 

So Saturday we piled into the van and drove the 4 hours to Evergreen Resort on Red Bay.  It’s just a few minutes away from Sauble Beach.  The place is really quite nice.  It’s by no means a 5 star resort, but a good solid 3 I’d say.  We were in a small red cabin which had a nice view of the lake in the distance.  The kids enjoyed playing on the deck and on the grass in front of the cabin while we unloaded the van and tried to get our cozy little cottage organized. 

The rooms were average size and had either 1 or two beds in each room.  We had a 3 bedroom.  It worked out well, that the girls could share a bed and Aidan could have a bed to his self.  Because the beds were all doubles, Ian and I are solid enough in  our marriage to sleep in separate beds for the sake of being able to get some sleep!  We both like to have a little space and move around while we sleep so a double bed just wouldn’t cut it for us.  I noticed while setting up the kids room that there was a giant puddle in the carpet.  We figured it was coming from the water heater which was in the closet in their room. 

We met up with our friends and their daughter at the pool after we got a little settled.  The kids were so excited to see the pool, well 2 of them were, Aidan not overly excited but he swam for a little while.  After the pool, the kids were turning purple, we headed back to the cottage to get ready for dinner.  We let the front desk know after dinner and then played at the sandy park and went for a little walk.  Upon arrival back at our cabin, the owner of the resort was just leaving our cabin.  She said the water was a problem and asked if we wouldn’t mind moving if there was something else available.  We didn’t mind, however Ian wasn’t all that thrilled to pack up the van, but as I pointed out it didn’t need to be a neat job as the kids and I could just walk over so we had the whole van to just toss everything in to.

So we moved.  And into an even nicer cottage right across from the beach and the sandy park.  Score.  We got the kids ready for bed as they were all having meltdowns.  Too much fresh air, excitement and fun at the park makes for meltdowns at 8:30pm.  So we go the kids in bed and then finished unpacking and organizing the new digs.

Sunday we woke up to pouring rain.  We quickly got the kids up and ready and over to the lodge for breakfast.  It was decided in our little group of friends who we were there with, that we were all going to drive to Sauble to check out the stores and hopefully if the rain stopped perhaps even the beach.  We didn’t do much shopping, went into one place and found a great inner tube for Aidan to hang out in the pool.  Luckily for us the rain did stop and the kids eagerly checked out the beach and the lake.  We had to bribe the kids to leave Sauble beach with promises of bathing suits and pool time after lunch.    After a quick-lunch, and I say quick because Ian and I were the only ones in our family to eat a whole meal, I think the kids were just too excited at the notion of swimming and the beach to eat. 

We took the kids to the beach first so they could digest what little bits of food they did eat.  They had a great time playing in the sand and walking around and splashing in the shallow waters.  Madeline and I walked out quite a ways, could have gone further but the water was getting up to her waist and colder, she loved the water even if it was getting colder.  She is just like her Mommy!  We must have played at the lake for a good hour or so before moving the fun over to the pool.  This time we had all the blow up rings and toys I had bought from the dollar store.  Isabelle and Madeline could hardly contain themselves!  They were practically in the pool before us and they don’t know how to swim!!  We put Maddy and Isabelle into their inner tubes and they were off, I couldn’t believe it.  They did so well in the pool!  They would swim back and forth to Ian and I to practice in the beginning and then next I knew, Maddy was trying to go off on her own and so was Isabelle!  It was nuts!  Aidan just bobbed around in his floaty tube we got for him.  His was state of the art, an inner tube, with a seat in it so we could just let him float around.  Obviously we kept an eye on him, but he was good.  There was a water slide there that we would sit the girls up on the end of and they would “slide” in to us.  They loved it.  And then with a little help from our one friend, the girls were going down half of the slide and into their dad’s arms.  Madeline loved it so much should would literally shake with excitement and squeal when *I* would catch her!  Isabelle just couldn’t wait her turn and was also so very excited.

There is a good chance we spent 3 hours in that pool that day.  Which would explain how we all got a bit too much sun and why Isabelle was falling asleep at the dinner table.  I had to eat quickly so that I could hold her so she could sleep and then Ian took her so I could finish my dinner.  Poor kid, she had such a great day and was so pooped by the end of it.  In all of her 3 little years, Isabelle has never ever fallen asleep at the table.  I have a photo of Aidan having a nap at lunch time once, but for Isabelle to be the one is just unbelievable.  After dinner we played for a few minutes at the park, Isabelle woke up long enough to do that but then started complaining of hunger.  So we went back to the cabin where I could give her a snack and then it was bedtime.  The kids had no trouble falling asleep that night.  It rained Sat night, we watched a storm blow in over the lake but it didn’t last long.  *I* went to visit with his friend while I read my book for a bit before going to bed. 

Monday was our last day there, after breakfast we played at the beach and at the park and at times in the lodge because it was raining.  They had an indoor slide and play house that the kids just loved.  We met up with the remaining group of our friends and had lunch and then it was time to head home.  We were all a little sad to be going home since we had just had the best weekend together but now we know that the kids enjoy these types of weekends and we hope to go again next year!  Perhaps starting a little family and friend tradition!  Here are a few photos from the weekend.

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  1. I have actually stayed at this resort….We have relatives on Red Bay and our cottage is in Lion;s Head. I really liked the dining lounge, it reminded me of the 1950;s


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