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Up until recently we have had a few doors in our home child proofed with these doorknob covers.  We had one on Isabelle’s door on the inside and we have one in the twins room and we used to have one on our door on the outside, we also used to have one on the bathroom door and front door.  Once Isabelle started potty training we obviously couldn’t keep the one on the bathroom door.  So we just became more diligent about teaching the kids that the bathroom is not a place to play.

We took it off the inside of the front door because my poor mother’s arthritic hands couldn’t open the door.  Wouldn’t want to trap Grandma in the house.  We just started using the deadbolt as a way to keep them inside when they are downstairs.  We took the one off from our bedroom door since we started having them on the insides of their bedrooms.  This keeps them in their rooms and out of ours.  However this is where the problem is coming in.  Again now that Isabelle is potty trained, despite our best efforts to get her to go before naps or bedtime she still has to go again.  She’s peed on her carpet 3 times now, either because we didn’t hear her knocking, or didn’t get there in time to let her out.  So therefore we feel bad that she’s having these accidents.  So we decided that we would take the “lock” off her door.

We explained to Isabelle that she would be able to open her door if she needed to go potty.  However she is not to always being needing to go potty.  So last night was the first night, and it went well.  This morning she let herself out of her room to come into mine which was fine as it was time to get up anyways.  Now its nap time and well this is proving to be a little more challenging for her.  I am hoping that the novelty will wear off as the days go by.  So far I’ve heard her open and close her door about 10 times.  During nap time Isabelle has the option to either sleep, or play in her room quietly.  She doesn’t seem to sleep much during this time anymore, however I still need the time away from the kids.  I need to re group and it’s impossible to do that with her around.  Somedays I just let her stay up if the first part of our day goes well.  However I’ve got a bunch of things to do this afternoon and don’t want to be distracted.

At the start of her quiet time, I hadn’t even reached the bottom of the stairs and she was out of her room and said she needed to go potty.  Alrighty, back up I go.  Thankfully she did go and it wasn’t a wasted trip.  More importantly, no pee on the floor.  Next step, teaching Isabelle how to take the twins downstairs, make breakfast and turn on the tv so I can sleep in.

We tried to move Aidan to a toddler bed the other night.  We decided that we would put him in Isabelle’s bed as it has a partial rail on the side and I think Aidan would snuggle up in to that.  I know for certain he’s going to fall out of bed a lot.  So we put his bedding on Isabelle’s bed and as Ian was tucking everyone in I was rounding up pillows to put on the floor for Aidan.  However when I got to the room he was in his crib.  Ian tried to tuck Aidan into the bed, encouraging him to sleep in a big boy bed, but he kept saying no and said he wanted his crib.  When Ian turned to tuck in Maddy, Aidan has his blanket, his lamb and was wanting in his crib.  So Ian put him in.  Obviously Aidan doesn’t want to part with his crib yet and that’s okay.  I think part of the reason he didn’t want to be in the bed is that he also calls the bed Isabelle’s bed and doesn’t want to take her bed.  So I believe that since Aidan’s bed doesn’t convert, we may be buying a toddler bed for Aidan and just taking his crib a part.  I think that’s the only way we are going to get him into a bed.

Hopefully the weather is going to work with us this weekend as we are going to be going away for the long weekend.  The kids are getting pretty excited.  We blew up some of the pool toys I bought and Isabelle is already saying that she’s going to swim all by herself.  This should be interesting.  And they are very excited to go and play on the beach and of course play with other children.  It’s going to be so nice for them to have a large area to run around and play in, so long as the weather holds up. 

It has honestly been torture being stuck in the house.  Thankfully today there hasn’t been any rain so we were able to go outside and play for quite some time.  I would have been outside earlier but I needed about 3 cups of coffee just to get going today.  There are still rain clouds looming over us and I really wish for a big wind to just come a long and blow them away.  I want to have a good weekend!!

Well I’m off, lists to make in order to get organized for the weekend.  We are going for  weekend, but I feel like I always end up packing for a week!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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