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The dreaded “A” word

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We’ve been lucky and we know it and we do our best not to take that for granted.  However today we have hit a bump in the road.  And that’s all I’m looking at it for now, it’s just a bump.  Until we know more I’m not going to worry about it.  Today for breakfast I gave the kids whole wheat toast with peanut butter, some slices of pear and their usual sippy of 2% milk. 

Shortly after breakfast Maddy and I were playing around and I noticed bumps on her arms.  And further investigation I found more bumps showing up on her legs, neck, back etc.  We had a very similar experience last week at our in-laws.  And at the time we thought perhaps they were a bug bite of some kind.  I did think it strange though that for Madeline being around us and the other kids the whole time, how was it that she was the only one.  So then when it happened again today, I thought back to that day and realized that she had peanut butter that day also.

So as usual, I grab the phone and call nurse Mom.  I asked if an allergic reaction could look like bug bites, because that’s what they looked like to me, however I know there are no bugs in my house.  And talking to her we agreed that it sounded like hives.  We snapped some photos since you never know when a photo can come in handy when talking to a Dr. weeks later!  During nap time I went out and grabbed some Benadryl since I didn’t have any in the house.  I called our family dr and explained what we observed happening to Maddy this morning and waited by the phone for her to call back after talking to the Dr. 

Dr’s office called back and our Dr. told us to treat Madeline as if she is allergic to peanut butter, she is not to have any at all and she will be getting referred to an Allergist.  I just have to go in on Thursday and fill out a form for the referral.  For now it seems as though her reactions were small, but this is how it can start off so we are going to be careful and make sure that she steers clear of pb and we are going to have to be mindful of other nuts and legumes etc.

I’ve had lots of friends post on my Facebook with their experiences etc and it’s been helpful.  Thank you to all who have posted.  When we find out more after talking to the Allergist we will update.  So for now this is just a bump in our road.

All other things in our little world are going well.  THe kids are getting antsy because of the weather.  It’s been so wet and mucky and rainy and it’s starting to drive us all up the wall!  I had the kids out in their rubber boots the other afternoon and they had a great time getting them all muddy in the yard.  Then they enjoyed splashing in a puddle to clean them off.  I couldn’t however convince Aidan to stop sitting in muddy patches or to keep his fingers out of the dirt.  He’s a true little boy who loves the mud.  Our back yard is so wet the ground can’t soak up anymore water so there are plenty of squishy parts for the kids. 

We recently got back from Windsor, we had a great visit while we were there.  The sleeping arrangements were a little new for the kids.  Madeline and Isabelle shared a queen size inflatable mattress while Aidan slept in the crib.  Aidan was a little ticked the first night that he wasn’t getting to sleep on the big bed with the girls but he got over it.  The girls did well for the most part.  There were quite a few nights where blankets were stolen or being slept on by someone else, but they did well.  I was hoping for better weather while we were down there but no such luck either.

I’ve had a long week so far, the big guy is on nights, the kids decided to stop sleeping though the night for some reason and I’m just worn out.  So tonight I’m going to put my feet up and relax and hope that I sufficiently wore out the kids with the help of my Mom today/tonight that they will sleep so I can sleep!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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