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Spring is in the air finally!!

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I’ve got my windows open, sliding door open! Letting the wonderful spring air come into my stuffy home. It almost makes me want to start cleaning up! Almost. I put my wind chimes back up. To all my neighbours who think my wind chimes are annoying, bite me, I think they are beautiful. Today is exceptionally windy, I’m watching everyone’s garbage pails and green carts and blue bins travel up and down the street. Luckily I brought ours in just as the wind picked up. The fun thing about the wind when it does this, people who don’t lable their bins have no idea where they ended up and sometimes you can be the lucky recipient of a new trash can! That happened to us and our neighbours this winter during some of the very windy blizzardy days. We got a new trash can and they got a new recycle bin. And this is why I have very clearly put our address on our bins. I remember how much we had to pay for them and I’m not giving them away to anyone!

I had the kids outside with me today until Aidan almost blew down the street. I have to get some meat on that kid or at least a tether to something heavier than him. The kids seemed to enjoy playing out in the wind. I laugh at Isabelle who won’t let me put her hair up in an elastic, so she’s got hair swirling every which way around her face and she’s trying ever so hard to keep it out of her face. She told me she wanted a hat on, but I said it was too warm and that she should let me put her hair up. She opted for the swirling twirling hair around her face instead. What a goof. She will so remeber last summer when she liked to have her hair out of her face and up off her neck.

Some of you may not know that our family number shrunk by 1 this weekend. Most of you know that our chocolate lab Max was having some medical issues. We are a large family and so things are tight for us these days. Max’s problems were just getting to be too much for us to take care of. And so it was with a heavy heart we made the decision to find him a new home. Luckily for us, Jersey’s breeder was willing to give him the home. So on Friday Ian, Max and I made the long trip up to a town just outside of Ottawa to drop him off. He is fitting in well wit his pack. She has 6 other labs, 3 of which are Jersey’s siblings! Max is even retrieving!! Something so far I’ve only seen my father in law be able to get him to do a few times! It was much easier to leave him there because we know that he has a very good home with her. We certainly miss him around here but are thrilled that he’s having such a good time with his new friends.

Jersey misses her buddy but is doing well as well. Today is the first day she didn’t want to eat her food so we’ll see how this progresses. The kids have been doing their best to give her extra love and attention and the odd treat! I have plans to start walking with Jersey, I just need to get her a new lead. Jersey is terrible on a leash and so we are going to have to try out some new types. This spring/summer the man of the house is going to construct some type of boundary for Jersey in the yard. I will then have to teach her where she can and cannot go to the bathroom. Now that the kids are bigger and all three are happily moving around I need the yard to be poop free. First I need the yard to dry up. There is a lot of moisture in one area of the yard that does not drain well. We also have to do some yard work to fix up the patches where the dogs have peed and killed the lawn. So we’ve got a bit of work to do this spring.

I don’t know what is in the air today that is keeping my kids awake. So far it’s been an hour and a half and all three kids are still awake. Not good. This means either they will eventually fall asleep but will not sleep long enough to not be cranky afterwards. They may not sleep at all which will mean some crankiness with an early bedtime. I’ve been upstairs 4 times now to remind Madeline that it’s time to sleep. I have been debating lately that she may need her crib side back on. However, I don’t want her climbing out. So now I feel at a slight loss for what to do. We don’t have the house space to let the kids all have their own rooms. We’ve already gone back to having Isabelle in her own room. Where do I put Maddy in all this? She still needs the sleep. But now she’s keeping Aidan up. And he out of all of the needs the sleep. Perhaps I’ll have to start pushing nap time back by an hour. We will see. Or I could be freaking out of a few days of something that isn’t going to last. They’ve all had a busy weekend too.

Time to get back to my crochet practice piece. I’m still learning and still not very good at this. I thought I had picked an easy hobby to do! Ha! Wish me luck.

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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