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Just pretend it’s no big deal that the two year old tried to climb out of her crib tonight


Tonight is not my night. The kids aren’t as tired as I would like them to be at bedtime. This means there will be a singing and dance party going on for at least an hour or so. First Aidan will fall asleep. I can always count on him to pass out at a reasonable time. Next, Maddy will start to fade and slowly she will be able to ignore the prompts of her sister to stay away and wreak havoc. Then Isabelle will play with her Barbie and her puppy until she falls asleep.

This is all fine and dandy. I can hear them upstairs playing and if it gets out of hand, its nothing to run up there and remind them it’s bed time and to settle down some. Our kids have always been really good sleepers once they learned how to sleep. I have always put them to bed awake and they have always been able to fall asleep. I don’t have to stand there, I don’t have to go in their room 10 times, we just have our night-time routine and then it’s bed time.

However as my title states, I had to not make a big deal out of Madeline’s near perfect attempt at getting out of her crib tonight as I was putting everyone to bed. As far as I know, this is the first attempt. She almost nailed it. Had I not been standing next to her to slip her leg back down off the rail and into her bed, she most likely would have pulled herself up and slid over the side with little effort. I don’t expect her landing to have gone well however because of the way the two cribs are positioned in the kids room. She is fairly close to Aidan’s crib, well and adult can walk in between the two cribs, but if she were to have landed my guess is that she would have bumped some part of her body on Aidan’s crib. Most likely to result in tears. Madeline is turning into a fearless little person. She will literally run at your from one side of the living room and throw herself at you in the hopes that you will catch her and turn her upside down, or catch her and toss her up in the air etc. She loves to climb all over the couch, sitting up on the arms of the couch, I swear if it wasn’t up against the wall in the living room she would be climbing over the back of it. She will jump on the couch and sit down backwards right at the edge and you think she’s going to fall off but doesn’t, she runs around with a hat pulled down over her eyes and manages to not run into thing. She has recently taken to spinning around in circles, however she does not like the after effects of that and usually cries. It’s kinda funny. Yep, I’m that Mom who laughs at her children.

I am not ready. NOT READY to have her out of a crib yet. Isabelle is fine, she was out of her crib and in her toddler bed by 2. And that was fine because she didn’t do anything, at that time she didn’t really know she could get in and out and do whatever she wanted. However, with her in the room with the twins, and the fact that she knows she can get in and out of bed, I know that if I were to even put Maddy in a toddler bed, the two of them would be up all night playing!! I was really planning on keeping the twins in their cribs for as long as humanly possible. And I thought we were safe because up until tonight, they had never tried to escape before!

I’m seriously sitting here just waiting to hear the “thump” on the floor that is Maddy escaping her crib. Aidan needs his crib, that boy sleeps in the corners of his crib, if we took one side away, I’d be worried that he would be falling out of his bed every night. And can you just imagine what those kids are going to do in that room when all three of them can roam free!!! Nightmares, I’m going to have nightmares!

I’m so glad this week is over. By week, I mean *I’s* work week. I do realize that tomorrow is Thursday and not Friday. I really need to come up with a more clever way of talking about *I*. If you have ideas feel free to submit. Anyways, so he’s been on nights. And for the most part he’s usually pretty helpful during the day so long as he didn’t have to be at work until 7am that morning. This week just felt extra long though, not so much the night part because I had my mom here to lend a hand. But I found the days to drag on. I think it’s because of the way the weather was. Sorta nice, but then freezing cold and windy, sunny, then over cast. Nice, then raining, freezing rain, snow. The kids wanted out, but the weather was just never right when they wanted out. Made for long days. I was going to attempt finger painting with all three of them, but decided that this type of activity is best handled when there are two adults around. We are still out numbered by children, but it’s a lot better than being alone and trying to keep their hands off of anything that is not paper for finger painting.

This weekend is the big birthday party for the kids. Isabelle and I have some errands to run tomorrow. I haven’t really told her she and I are going out tomorrow. I always enjoy hearing the excitement in her voice when I tell her just moments before. I also think that I am going to try to take Aidan to get a hair cut. It’s time he look like a little boy and not a little boy with an over grown bowl cut. So i will take before and after photos of him I promise.

I think the song and dance party has ended. Isabelle is still moving around some, but the other two are most likely asleep. Wish me luck that come tomorrow Madeline will have forgotten that she almost got out of her crib!

Author: 30fingersandtoes

Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

2 thoughts on “Just pretend it’s no big deal that the two year old tried to climb out of her crib tonight

  1. Hanna is still in her crib at 2 3/4 and I’m still amazed she hasn’t tried climbing out – because I know she could if she wanted to!!! Good luck:)


  2. Cavan tries to climb into his crib, but hasn’t tried to come out of it yet. I plan on leaving him in there FOREVER!


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