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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

Finish THAT Sentence

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Maybe I should… try harder to keep my house cleaner.  And I do try, but we’ll have that one day where it all goes to hell and then who wants to clean that up?

I love… hugs.  It’s simple I know.  But honestly, nothing feels better than a hug.

People would say that I’m… Hmm, this could turn in to a list of things.  First off, a good listener.  I’ve always been there for my friends when they’ve needed someone to listen, when others wouldn’t or couldn’t.  Secondly, I will tell you like it is.  If you ask me if your ass looks fat in those pants I will tell you the truth. 

I don’t understand…  why my child will not poop on the potty.  She’s doing so well when it comes to pee but I swear to everything that is holy she will hold in her poop until she has a pull up on or it’s nap time. 

When I wake up in the morning… all I can think about is how much I want to go back to sleep.  I love sleep.  Always have, always will.  Nothing better than being inbetween nice warm sheets and  a cozy comforter.  Snuggle heaven!

I lost… a friend, a best friend, a sister, she was to be my bridesmaid, she was to be an “auntie” to my children.  She was always supposed to be there when I needed her to be and I the same for her.  But she was taken away from me and her family.  And even though  it’s been 7 years but it still feels like yesterday.  I lost a piece of myself that day.  I never stop thinking about you Amy.

Life is… short.  Live it to your fullest, do the things you want to do and be happy. 

My past is… filled with lifes ups and downs because of  a wonderful character flaw I tend to remember mostly the downs of my past.  My past is my past, can’t change anything about it now, so might as well focus on the future and all the good stuff that is to come!

I get annoyed when… people talk without thinking first.  “Are those all yours?” “You must have your hands full!” “That’s a busy household  you have!”  “Are they triplets?”  I’ve only had that last one once, but SERIOUSLY?!

Parties are… things I never went to much when I was younger or older and now I just don’t have the time or I am too darn tired. 

I wish…. that my husband would be happier with his life.

Dogs… love them, Jersey and Max are a wonderful part of our family.  However I despise muddy paw prints in my house, torn up garbage bags because they think we didn’t feed them enough, oh yeah and when one of them takes a huge dump on my living room carpet at 4am.

Cats… need not apply

Tomorrow… my day will be reset and it’s starts all over again, wake up, get kids up, get myself and kids dressed, let dogs out, get kids breakfast, let dogs back in,feed myself, play/read/referee/play/tv/play/timeouts/feeding time/play time again/let dogs out again/play/ref/let dogs back in/change kids/potty/naps/lunch for me/let dogs out/internet play time or nap time for me/get kids up and changed/playtime/dinner prep/dinner/play/bedtime routine/chill on couch with spouse/bedtime/RESET

I have a low tolerance… for toys being left out all over the living room floor.  If we had a finished basement and their toys were down there, well then so be it, let there be  a mess.  But I have to live here folks, I’d like to come downstairs after putting the kids to bed and be able to walk across the living room floor without needing the light on. 

If I had a million dollars… I would have a bigger house designed the way I want it.  I would have a car that does not label me as a mommy but that could fit all my children and two dogs in it.  Hello gas guzzling suburban here I come!  We would also be living somewhere warm and fly our the grandparents to see us when ever they wanted.  I would get lyposuction and a tummy tuck and ass implants because  I literally have NO ASS people!  I keep getting fatter but it’s all in the front!!  WTF!!!

I’m totally terrified…  to lose weight, isn’t that retarded!  I hate my body.  I’m not at all okay with my body.  I love my children but not what it did to me.  And I’m afraid that if I lose weight, I will have all this saggy skin flopping around and I will hate that even more than I hate myself now.  Most of all I’m terrified that I will never be happy enough about my body.  When I was skinny I was told I was fat, I was called terrible and horrible names by a certain MICKEY SCHMITT in highschool.  I have hated my body since I was a young girl, and now I hate it even more and while I want to he healthy and be here for my children.  All those issues come rushing back.  Isn’t it wonderful?!

I would love for all my fellow bloggers to particiapte in this if they choose.  It’s kind of a way to get to know you better I guess!  I’m not as crazy as I sound!

Author: 30fingersandtoes

Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

One thought on “Finish THAT Sentence

  1. I love your blog. Big hugs to you. Can I help in anyway. I’ll play with the kids while you sleep.


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