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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

questions questions questions = noise all.day.long.

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Mom? Mommy? What’s this? Huh? Can I have juice?  Where’s my cup?  Mommy can I go outside?  Mommy where’s my toy?  Mommy where’s Daddy?  Mommy I help to?  Mommy tv?  Mommy help me?  Play blocks?  Watch Buzz?  Go potty?  What’s that?  Juice?  Snack?  Mommy?  and so on and so on and so on.

By the end of the day I’ve had enough.  I want the noise to stop.  I can’t even stand the sound of the tv being any louder than volume 10.  My day is filled with constant noise and that part is just the questions.  Nevermind the screaming, crying, whining, arguing, crashing, banging, screaming, crying….on and on thoughout the whole day.  *I* has these ear protectors for shooting, I’ve often debated just wearing them around the kids.

Today we were at the Dr’s office because the twins were getting the last of their immunizations.  They were getting their 18month needles, yes I am quite aware of the fact that the twins are almost 2, but we managed to get behind in their shots because Ontario does things differently than the north, so we missed the 15 month immunizations and that is what has slowed us down.  At any rate, they went in today, got poked, screamed for a minute and then it was as if nothing had happened. 

Our apt was supposed to be at 16:15.  17:00 we were finally showed into the teeny tiny room.  Before that, the kids were being fairly quiet but would have their moments of loudness.  Despite having three little noise makers, and not bragging of course, but I think all in all our kids are pretty good.  When they got too loud we asked them to be quiet and to remember that people were here working.  And they would do their best to quiet down.  That being said, we were told that we were going to be double booked.  This way, we didn’t have to be on the list for an actual appointment.  And we shouldn’t have to wait long either.  Being double booked meant we would just get in, wait a few minutes, take the kids into the rooms have the twins ready to be poked and then away we go.  Well I think they forgot what they told us, because we had to wait until 17:00 just to get in the tiny room and then it was a good 10 minutes of telling the kids not to touch everything in that tiny room before our Dr even came in.  Frustrating.  This of course delayed dinner, which kind of threw off the rest of the night, but oh well.  Not too much I can do about the wait times.

The twins did well.  They screamed for a minute each and then big sister Isabelle gave them both a hug after they got dressed.  What a nice big sister.  We climbed in the van and made our way home again.  I gave both twins some tylenol before going to bed.  Figured they could both use it since they can be tender after getting their needles.  Aidan can be particularly sucky about it at times, however he is just skin and bones so I would imagine the neeldes might hurt him a bit more.

Earlier today, it was nap time for Maddy and Aidan.  I was keeping Isabelle up today since their nap time was not going to be very long and Isabelle would just keep them awake anyways.  This gave Isabelle and I some one on one time to work on some crafts.  Madeline seemed to understand that Isabelle was not going to be sleeping and was therefore rather pissed that she was having to go to bed.  Anyways, before all this the kids were jumping on the spare bed.  Isabelle would jump on top of Maddy and she would just giggle away.  And then Maddy would jump on top of Isabelle.  What was funny is that when Maddy would jump on top of Isabelle she would repeatedly say “I love you!”  It was pretty cute.  Aidan was jumped on from time to time and as you can probably guess he was not a big fan of it.

Well I can’t wait for Thursday.  Grandma is coming for a visit!  The kids are going to be excited and Mommy can have a bit of a sanity break!  And then on the weekend it’s another ODIV Spouses Girls Day Out!!  Which I am totally excited to do!  It will be nice to hang out with the girls again!  Some much needed away time to feel like an adult again!!  So those are the two things I’m looking forward to for this week!  I hope it helps my week go by quicker.  I wish my Mom could come every day, but I can handle what time I get.  I think I may look into a trip to the library since I’ll have an extra set of hands.  I’d really like to get the kids swimming, but we need daddy to be around for that too.

Bring on the summer!!  I’m so ready for this white crap to be gone!  I would just like to skip most of spring though.  I don’t enjoy the muckyness that is spring.  I can’t stand the dogs bring in dirty paws, and the kids can’t be on the lawn much because it’s mucky.  Oh how I can’t wait for summer!!  But before all that we have to have some birthday parties first.  Isabelle is turning 3 this month!  Picking jaw up off floor.  My baby is turning 3.  Time is just starting to fly and I want so much for it to slow down.  I want to spend so much time with her before she starts to want to spend less time with me.  Next month the twins turn 2.  Holy crap I’ve made it.  I’ve survived   I would not have survived without *I* and without the help of Mom.  Sure we still have moments but they are turning 2, they are just amazing to watch and they have changed so much but yet stayed the same.

We are looking forward to having the grand parents and Auntie and Uncle Rob come for the combined birthday party in March.  We will still have individual family parties for them.  And we’ve been deciding on cakes and or themes and gifts and all that good stuff.  My babies are growing up and while it makes me happy to see them grow and to become the little people they are becoming.  I sure do miss holding them and rocking them and cuddling them.  Well, I still get cuddles from Maddy and Aidan and every so often Isabelle too.  It’s nice to be hugged back I must say!  Well I’m getting tired and starting to ramble. 

Here’s to a week filled with one million and one questions…hopefully I have all the answers and can drown out a little bit of the noise!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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