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Continuous learning

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Every day my children teach me something and it is usually for the most part something new.  This week I’m learning that nothing in my house is safe any more and I’m learning to improve on my patience skills.  This past week the kids have taken a liking to getting up on stools to wash their hands or help me wash dishes in the sink.  Which is all well and fine so long as I’m around.  A few days ago we were all playing in the living room.  Maddy wandered off to do her own thing, I figured she would come back in a few minutes.  Next Aidan disappears.  Again, this is fine.  They have a play kitchen in the kitchen so I thought perhaps this is what they were doing.  However a few moments later I thought it seemed rather quiet in there.  I go in to find Maddy and Aidan standing up to the counter, Maddy has a butcher knife in her hand and is just inches away from Aidan’s fingers on the cutting board!!  Today I left the margarine on the table after lunch, Madeline climbs up on the chair and goes nuts with the bread knife, pasting Becel everywhere.

Other times I’ve found Isabelle using her hands to play with dirty dishes in the sink, and then wipes her fingers though her hair.  Or better yet, lets put our fingers in our mouth!  Gross!!  Their new favrourite is the dog food.  Aidan is like a fly to dog shit when it comes to the dog food.  He can’t keep out of it.  He had a 30 minute tantrum the other day because he put his train in the dog food and couldn’t reach it.  I, trying to teach a lesson about the dog food refused to get his train and therefore he had the tantrum.  They also love the dog water dish.  Nothing better than dog spit water to run our fingers though and then wipe all over each other.

Patience.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 breathe…..

I think we are going to be putting Isabelle back in to her own room.  Having her in with the twins just isn’t working out for us right now.  She keeps them up and therefore everyone is getting less sleep and being fairly cranky.  We will leave her bed in there and she will sleep in there when we have company, but I think she’s going to go back to sleeping in the big bed in her room.  Perhaps we will try again maybe later in the year when the twins don’t need as much sleep.  Today I had to put Isabelle into her old room for nap time because she was keeping Maddy awake and waking Aidan up from time to time.  He would cry out and “yell” at her to be quiet.  Aidan for sure needs his sleep.  I’d take Maddy and Isabelle out of the room so that Aidan could sleep, however Aidan is very particular about having his sister around.  He gets very upset when she is taken out of the room and he’s left behind.  While he’s okay leaving her in a  room to be taken out, he will constantly ask for her.  So for now, we’ll just take Isabelle out and try again down the road.  As soon as I took her out today, Madeline quieted down and went to sleep.

Well Isabelle isn’t about to sleep any time soon.  So I’m going to get her some toys to quietly play with so that I can grab a quick snooze before the twins wake up.  Hopefully I’ll wake up feeling a little more patient.

Author: 30fingersandtoes

Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

One thought on “Continuous learning

  1. Hey while your counting down and breathing, just think your teaching the kids numbers as well!! Sounds like Mommy needs a vacation!


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