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Let there be light…errr I mean let there be no light!

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That’s right.  Mommy & Daddy 1, kids 0.  I finally did it.  I had Ian take the light bulbs out of the kids room.  I was so tired of having to stay upstairs after their bed time to ensure that the light stayed off.  I don’t mind if they horse around for a little while before going to bed, but the trouble with Isabelle turning the light on is that she was actually keeping her siblings up longer than they could handle.  And this was making for cranky twins the next morning. 

My first thought was to just give up having all three in the same room and just put Isabelle back in her original room, but keep her bed in the twins room so that when company comes she has some place to sleep.  But then I thought it might just be easier to teach them that if they are going to abuse having a light in their room, then they lose the light. 

We did this a few days ago and it seems to have worked.  They have noticed that the light doesn’t work and while they still play around, they are certainly falling asleep sooner and getting more rest than they were before.  How long do I have to keep them lightbulbless?  I have no idea.  My guess is going to be a long time and I’ll have to get Ian to put the bulbs back in when they aren’t paying attention.

I still hear Isabelle from time to time trying the light switch to see if the light works again.  She’ll usually comment that it’s not working but I just ignore it.  I would have paid money to have been inside Isabelle’s head the first night she discovered that the light wasn’t going to work.  I would have loved to have heard her thoughts of even seen the expression on her face as she realized that she’d been outsmarted.  Most likely though she doesn’t know that’s what happened.  However I am still going to celebrate my little victory over the light.  Perhaps I’ll put Ian to work on an childproof light switch.  One they can’t possibly turn on or off.

In other child destructive news, Madeline ripped the blinds off the wall the other day.  She pulled it down with enough of her little body force that she bent the rod so badly that it had to be thrown out.  So for one night they slept without one window covering.  They still have the horizontal blinds, but they are white and our neighbours across the street still have their xmas lights on.  This lights up the kids room pretty good, as does a little help from the street lights.  Naptime the next day was a bigger problem.  It was so sunny out there room was lit up like a xmas tree.  I brought in the rod from Isabelle’s old room and put the blind back up. 

I may have to look into moving the beds around in there so that we can keep Captain Chaos aka Madeline from tearing down any more blinds.  Well it’s about that time here, gotta tidy up the living room so that when the kids wake up they can just destroy it again.  I can also hear that Isabelle is not napping yet so for the third time I will be going upstairs to put her back to bed.

The weather is calling for snow for the next 7 days.  The kids are going to be so excited for more snow!  Here are some photos from playing in the snow a few weeks ago.


007 - Copy


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