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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Well today I don’t have one.  All I know is that my dishwasher is not working properly and I’m not happy because that means we have to try to fix it, which means a lot of a certain person curing and swearing and me trying to make sure the kids don’t repeat those words.  Then I will suggest calling someone to which I will get a snotty look, however this is the second, well ongoing really, problem we have had with the dishwasher.

Today I’ve literally had to open up the door, and using the sprayer thingy from the sink, spray water to fill the dishwasher.  It’s not getting the water on it’s own for some reason.  Good times.

I am not impressed.  My day went from being average and okay to grouchy.  But I have to keep that to myself as it’s time to get the kiddies up.  I should also add in that while I was out grocery shopping, the kiddies didn’t feel much like sleeping was required during nap time.  So that means while the boss is at work tonight I get to enjoy 3 lovely children.  Maddy is pretty big into the word “no” right now.  And she likes to shout it as loud as she can.  She is also working on mastering her tantrum techniques.  She used to just lay on the floor, now she’s added in crying face first into the floor, kicking her feet, hitting the floor with her hand and shouting “No!”

Aidan is also working on his craft.  Today he rammed his head into the wall, he tried to have his hands out to slow him down a little but he misjudged and therefore hurt himself more than he actually meant too.  Sure is a pain in the “head” when your tantrums don’t go the way you want.

Isabelle’s new thing is to be touching something she’s not supposed to, and when you ask her to put it down or not to touch it anymore she shouts at you that she’s “just looking!!!”  Apparently looking doesn’t involves just the eyes anymore, it must include the fingers as well!

My children are special and that’s why I love them.

Author: 30fingersandtoes

Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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