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12 More Sleeps until Santa!!

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Can you believe it?  It still feels like yesterday to me that it was Isabelle’s first Christmas and I was pregnant with the twins.  Isabelle didn’t quite get the concept of opening presents so we helped her with her gifts.  She happily played with the paper and the boxes and even some of the toys that were in those boxes!

Last year Isabelle was slightly more interested but still didn’t quite get what Christmas meant, and the twins had no idea what was going on but they enjoyed tearing paper open!

This year things are different!  Madeline can almost say the word “Christmas” perfectly.  All three kids are excited when it snows, or when the neighbours put on their Christmas lights at night.  My mom made them an Advent Calendar which they absolutely love doing and look forward to it every day.  A few nights ago, the kids were getting grumpy about going to bed, I asked them if they knew who was coming to visit them tomorrow!  When I ask this question I always get a very loud response of “Grandma!!!!” from the three of them.  Not this time.  When asked their reply ever so cheerfully and excitedly was “SANTA!!!!!”  Sorry Grandma, you’ve been temporarily replaced by Santa.

I made gingerbread cookies and we decorated them.  I used royal icing and various xmas coloured treats to put on them.  I gave a cookie each to the kids and all but Isabelle managed to get the treats off the cookie and not really eat the cookie.  Isabelle was working so hard to try to figure out which angle worked best to get these treats off.  She finally gave up with a huff and said “I can’t eat this!!!”  It was all Ian and I could do to not burst out laughing.  She was so ticked off she couldn’t get the smarties off the cookie.  I still had some smarties left over so I gave her those and I took her cookie that she wasn’t too interested in.

I have yet to wrap presents and we still have a certain train table to assemble and stocking to fill etc.  I know we will get it all done, but I am starting to feel that crunch of running out of time.  My days are so busy and by the time I’m done at night I’m so tired that it’s hard to get things done. 

Potty training, I can’t say we are any further a head but we are slowly making progress.  We’ve had some accidents here and there and while they are frustrating at times she does have her days where she tries really hard and has a good day.  I’m just really looking forward to all good days.

Time to corral the kids and get them a little snack and then nap time.  Oh how I love nap time.

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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