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Potty woes

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I’m going to deal with potty training the way I dealt with the twins and their bottles.  No more diapers and no more pull ups.  I think pull ups are what is slowing us down.  We were doing really well and now we seem to be regressing.  So today I decided that there will be no diapers or pull ups during the day.  She can wear a pull up or diaper at nap and bed time.  She will get an M&M for sitting on the potty without result.  She will get two if she sits on it and pees, and she will get three if she sits on and and has success with 1&2!  Today was okay, we had two accidents and two positive trips to the potty.

*I* is coming up to his days off.  There are enough of them in a row that I think I can have the time to tackle the potty.  However we are going to have one day where we are going to visit family and I think I will just diaper her, but be sure to ask her plenty of times if she wants to use the potty.  And I’ll have to be sure to have my stash of M&M’s.

I hope this works out for me.  I am so so excited about the idea of at least one of them being out of diapers.  Madeline has been trying the potty these days.  While she hasn’t actually done anything on the potty yet she is still pretty excited to sit on it.  Aidan is a little more nervous.  I think that Daddy may have to show him a thing or two if he’s not to keen about “sitting” on the potty.

We have a visitor coming this weekend.  Isabelle is looking forward to this visitor.  I kind of messed up today and told her that her Auntie was coming to see her tomorrow.  Yep, Auntie is not coming until Friday.  But I am so tired and have no idea what day it actually is that I told her it was tomorrow.  So when I had to correct myself and explain to her that she wasn’t, well that didn’t go over well.  Thankfully, I know that Isabelle probably won’t remember this tomorrow!!

We do have a bit of cleaning up to do for Auntie to be able to have a room to sleep in.  So that’s the plan for tomorrow.  I also hope to spend some time at my office to get some work done and to observe and learn from what the other people there are doing.  And then hopefully I’ll get a little time to myself to relax and put my feet up.  Hopefully.

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One thought on “Potty woes

  1. M&M's is what did it for us…when we have a bit of a regression I still pull them out!! Good luck!


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