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Room transition

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After some thought and long discussions we finally decided to go ahead and try having all three kids sleep in one bedroom.  We wanted to give it a try so that we could see about freeing up one of the bedrooms to be used as a guest/office space.  While we did have Isabelle sleeping in a twin size mattress, we had to put her crib back together so that we could use the day bed option of it.  The kids are all sharing the smaller of the two bedrooms.  So we wouldn’t be able to stuff the mattress into the other room with the two cribs already in it.  So far Isabelle doesn’t seem to mind being back into her smaller bed. 

We did our best to make this all seem very special for her so that it would be an easy transition.  So far things are going about the way we expected.  Lots of talking and singing and sleepless time.  We’ve had to make a few trips up to their room mainly at naptime to try to remind them it’s time for sleep and not play.  Bedtime is fairly straightforward.  Sometimes Maddy tries her best to keep the gang up but she eventually gives and they are asleep at a decent time.  Mornings are something else.  They are waking earlier every day I swear.  However they can amuse themselves until I’m ready to get up.

We haven’t done much with the other bedroom yet.  We are going to take one set of the mattress and box spring down to the basement to help clear some space since there is another set in there and now a second change table.  I think we will also take one of the change tables to the basement and keep the other as a dresser for the spare room.  I’d like to find a way to organize the kids closet better because there will be quite a bit of clothing in that closet!

Eventually I’d like to get a desk and start organizing the room to be my office for work.  I don’t need much space since all my files are kept at the office but I need a space to work when I am at home.  And there will still be a bed in the room for guests.  Until we are certain that the three of them sharing a room is going to work we won’t be getting the desk just yet.   If it doesn’t work out, which wouldn’t be the end of the world we’ll just have to get a desk to fit in our dining room.

The kids are all doing well.  Isabelle is certainly wanting to be more independent and Madeline is right behind her.  Some days I wish we had another little one, a boy, for Aidan.  The girls will be playing so well together (sometimes) and then I’ll look over to see Aidan just kind of watching them as if he was lonely.  However, I don’t think he is lonely, I think he enjoys being left alone to play.  When the girls are around he usually doesn’t get the toy he wants or he gets knocked over or pushed out of the way.  Aidan will fight back but he’s a little more easy going about it.  He has also been quick to learn that if he cries about it Mommy might give him more attention.  He’s suckered me in a few times.  I’m learning though.  Thank goodness I’m a quick study when it comes to these kids.  They are crafty.  Especially Aidan and his pouty lip!

Word of the month that Mommy hates: “Somewhere”

Most mom’s will say they don’t like it when their kid (s) say “no”!  Well I’ve been though that word, still going though it with Madeline.  But above all else, “somewhere” is what gets under my skin these days.  It all started with Isabelle and it’s now gotten to Madeline and it won’t be long until Aidan picks it up.  Here are my reasons/examples:

Me: Isabelle where is your sippy cup?

Isabelle: Um, somewhere (said while running away in opposite direction, or while spaced out watching Toopy & Bino, or while standing directly beside it but not caring to notice)

Me: Madeline, where is your lamb?

Maddy: Somewhere!

Me: Isabelle where are your shoes?

Isabelle: Somewhere?

I swear I could ask her where her nose is and she would reply “somewhere”!  ARRRGGHHH!!!  It irks me because she doesn’t even look.  She just expects me to find everything for her.  Not cool and not going to happen.  Madeline is pretty in to saying “no”.  She says it to most things when she gets in trouble.  She likes to cross her arms when she says it too!  As if she’s showing authority to us.  It’s kind of funny and sometimes it’s hard not to laugh because she is being so serious about it.

Both Madeline and Aidan are working on their last few teeth and thus have been kind of cranky at times.  I look forward to all the teeth being in.  These guys have handled teeth well but certainly were “teethers” more than Isabelle ever was.  Isabelle would get a tooth she she wouldn’t bat an eyelash.  Madeline and Aidan chew their hands like crazy.  I gave them teething toys etc. and they wouldn’t chew any of them, only their fingers!  They both seem to get a pretty good diaper rash too when teeth come in.

They have an apt for a check up on the 26th and I look forward to seeing how tall and big they are now.  Hard to believe that the big 2 is coming up!  Not sure where time went, but I’m loving where we are at now!  Aside from being fairly repetitive, our days go by quickly and with so much more ease!  I know most look at mobility being a bit of a curse when it comes to toddlers, but I am jumping up and down over it.  I love just calling them all to the dinner table, or from one room to another or having them all walk out together to the van with us.  It’s making life so much easier!!

Well it’s late, and I’ve still got some blogs to check in on before calling it a night.  I may not post every day or every week but I’m doing my best.  Perhaps I’ll get the kids to start writing the blog.  It would look something like this:
094thugrjf239utj4ghkdjfkjhga t8[‘weaoiur24885 dsiaf ;rhalhrgalhrgybp;yhgajkshdf478yjkahdsfhdkejf;3q 4 ;phjhfdalhsdf u4i

Guess you are stuck with the person who can type!

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