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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"


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It’s hard coming up with a title every time.  I don’t know why there needs to be a title every time so I am going to go a head, start a new trend, start my blog without a title.

I realize that i should be doing better at posting to here.  However, I am not really sure who is even reading this most days.  I am sure that my life is not that exciting.  Although there are the people at the stores that look at us like a freak show when we use our swank stroller.  We tend to use the carts at most places if they can hold two kids.  This can be detrimental to our bank account however, as we tend to buy more with two big carts on the go.

Any how, so people stare at us less if we use two carts rather than having the triple stroller in use.  It’s like we are normal people with three kids if we use a cart and freaks if we use our stroller.  Ha.  Well we are going to use that stroller to get our monies worth that’s for sure!!

Not too much new here.  We or at least I, have finally caught up on all the sleep we lost last week while we were in Windsor.  The sleep loss was however for something really awesome!  My sis in law got married!!  Congrats M&C!!!  We are really happy for you both.  They will be coming home from their honeymoon soon and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

On a poopy note, the dogs have both come down with Kennel Cough from their stay at the kennels for the wedding.  Not cool.  They have an appointment to see the vet on Wednesday if they are not improving.  I would have liked to have taken them sooner, however someone did not agree.  I agreed to give it some time, but have since put my foot down on the subject.

We do still have the photo site, however I am terrible at adding photos to it.  If you have Facebook, you can see photos of the kids there that are more recent that what you will find on our photo site.  I am still deciding what I want to do about that site.

I tried today for the first time, play doh with all three kids.  It went about as well as I expected.  All three had to try and taste it at first.  So I was constantly saying “Don’t put that in your mouth, it’s to play with not to eat.”  Then I moved on to saying, “Please try to keep it on the table and not mash it into the carpet.”  Yes, I did put down a mat for us to play on but c’mon as if they are going to keep the play doh on that!!  HA!  Then there were the obvious sharing issues which in our house always lead to throwing or hitting or biting.  So I then had to pull out “If we can’t share the play doh and we are going to hit, throw and bite, then I guess it’s time to put the play doh away!” sentence.  That worked for about 2 minutes.  There is a good chance that play doh time was shut down when Madeline hurled play doh at Aidan’s head.  And of course shutting something like play doh time down, doesn’t happen in a few seconds, there is a lot of clean up to do.  So while I’m trying to put everything away quickly they are just as quickly taking things out of the bucket.  Chaos.  This then leads to everyone being told to sit down on their bums on the floor so I can at least get the good stuff out of sight!  Then they all have to help  me clean up.

Perhaps tomorrow we will try a different less messy thing to do.  I could use some ideas on less mess ideas for little kids.  Especially since all three of them are going to want to take part.  Once Isabelle stops napping (which deep down I hope never happens) I have plenty of ideas of crafts she and I can do.  Adding the twins in the mix means I don’t really want to do dirty stuff unless I have a helper that day!  Speaking of which, time to phone Grandma and book some dates!!


003031073These were from our last trip to the park!  Enjoy!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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