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La la la song la la la song!

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Close your eyes and imagine Isabelle wailing away on the key board with one hand and the mic in the other yelling “la la la song!!!! la la song!!

It’s a riot.  So much so I’ve even captured some of it on video.  I will try to get it on webcam video to try and post on here at some point.

The keyboard was a gift to Isabelle from her grandparents E&B.  She sometimes played with it, but it managed to be forgotten for a little while.  Well the keyboard is back in action.  *I* and I have even had to hide it a few times just for some peace and quiet.  I would love to have musical children but my ears can only take some much sometimes!

All is well here.  The twins are teething and Isabelle is embracing her terrible 2’s.  Ian and I are just floating on by.  Someone was kind enough to remind me that once Isabelle is done her terrible 2 phase that I will then have two children going though the phase together.  God help me.  Or perhaps the twins will see that what Isabelle is going though really just isn’t worth it and decide to skip that phase!  Good luck!

I can’t see how many teeth Aidan is working on as he clamps his mouth shut when you ask him to open.  Maddy on the other hand when tickled enough her mouth is wide open and I can see about 4 teeth coming at once.  I know they are teething because both of them are trying to chew their fingers off of their little hands.  I am looking forward to the teething being over.  Aidan is a moody little fellow who will drop to the floor like a wet rag and roll around and lay there pouting.  Maddy is handling it well for the most part but has her moments of crankiness.

Rain rain go away.  It’s been raining here for 2.5 days.  This afternoon is finally looking promising for some outside time.  It’s cooled off some but I think the kids will manage.  The sun is still beaming down some warmth.  I am looking forward to Aidan being a little more sturdy on his feet because it would be nice to go for brief little walks out front.  For now we’ll settle on walking to the park with the stroller and playing there for a bit and then going home again.

Hard to imagine what we have lived in this house and back in Ontario now for a year.  It’s been really good to be home and close to family.  I know the kids are really enjoying being so close to grandparents and aunts and uncles and very soon to be uncles!  Isabelle loves to call her grandparents and her aunt.  She asks on a regular basis to call.  I think if she had it her way she’d be calling every 5 minutes.  It’s nice to hear her actually carry on a small conversation with them.  Just think next year it will be all three of them doing the same!  It’s amazing how far we have come.  It still feels like yesterday we were just traveling to Ontario to find a home for our little/big family.  Every time we are visiting in Windsor and I see the couch I spent almost 2 months on because the babies did not have a feeding routine and because Aidan had colic it still feels like yesterday.  I must say I am glad to have moved on from that.  Everyone sleeps well here now.  I can’t seem to find enough hours of sleep but that’s alright.  It’s been a wonderful year here and we are looking forward to more to come!

Time for me to have a little break before the kiddies wake up from nap time.  Going to sit outside with a coffee and enjoy the nice afternoon.

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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