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Thank goodness for nap times!

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I love my children I really really really do.  But there are days that I think I love nap time more.  Not that I need a nap, however it would be smart if I started taking them more often, I need a break from the kids.  The morning started off well but started on a downhill decent right around the time that Isabelle started stomping her foot when she wasn’t getting what she wanted.

My days are the same every day for the most part.  I choose this because the kids are used to it, it saves my sanity to keep things the same and while the kids are getting more mobile we aren’t mobile enough for me to take them out alone yet.  Add in that even when we are mobile, it’s 3 against one people!!  They are already learning to divide and conquer as well as how to work really well as a team.

I find it’s getting difficult to even take the kids out into our fenced yard!  I try to do it in a routine, we go out the front door and there in the shade is the slide/climber toy and the sandbox, as well as some balls, bubbles etc.  So we play here until the shade starts to disappear.  Or when Isabelle can no longer go down her slide because the sun has warmed it up too much.  So by the end of this time, the twins are usually covered in sand or grass clippings, Isabelle has tired herself out from climbing up and down the ladder or the slide or rock wall and is also sand covered. 

We then head to the deck where the pool is located.  Here, we splash, pour water from the watering cans into buckets, splash mommy lots, Aidan usually has the hose and is trying to figure out how to make water actually come out of it.  Maddy and Isabelle are drowning the planter boxes of Ian’s or watering the grass or soaking each other or themselves.  After we splash and get most of the sand off ourselves, we usually head inside to get changed and ready for lunch.  While they wait for lunch I let them watch Yo Gabba Gabba or Dora.  If you haven’t seen Yo Gabba Gabba, you should tune into Treehouse Mon, Wed or Friday at 1630hrs and check it out.  It’s a trip.  For real.  I’m pretty sure someone was on drugs when creating this one.  However, the kids all go nuts for this show.  They get up, dance, sing, and learn some neat stuff.  For instance, Isabelle likes to not eat at dinner time unless it’s a food she likes.  She’s been taught by us and by Y.G.G to “Try it because you might like it” and when she does try things she now says “I tried it and I like it”!  Who says tv is evil?!  I think that a little bit of tv is not the end of the world.  I wouldn’t be able to get some things done without it.  However we certainly don’t let them sit in front of it all day.  They get 30 minutes at the most total, if that. 

Back on track now, so after cleaning up and having lunch, I clean them up again quick, we have some quiet play or read some books and then it’s upstairs for naps.  And this folks is my fav time of day.  3 hours to myself.  One thing I’ve always been sure to do is have MY time.  When you have three little ones you need it.  Heck even if you have 1 kid you need to have your own time.  I’d be insane if I didn’t.  I get to tune out, sleep, blog, read blogs, email, surf the web, work on my courses, study, do nothing, read books again, sit outside and get some sun, drink coffee and not have to worry about little fingers, bake, clean up, exercise (gotta work more on that one!!).  Oh it’s bliss.

The best part about doing the same thing everyday is that the kids know what to expect and when to expect it.  And I like that too.  However we do have days where we throw the schedule out the door and just do whatever, thank goodness we have adaptable kids.   Sure I’m biased, but I do have the best family in the world.

Well I’m going to use the rest of my time to have a quick nap.  Or at least put my feet up and catch up on some tv shows on the PVR.  Hope all are well out there!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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