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The weather is driving me nuts!

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Ugh, rain.  Rain, rain go away and don’t come back another day!  Last night I spent 20 minutes sitting on the floor of Isabelle’s room holding all three children close as there was a thunderstorm.  I don’t believe the storm lasted 20 minutes but the kids sure weren’t letting go until they felt okay.  The trouble was the storm happened and then several low flying airplanes went over and the sound of them reminded the kids of the thunder.

It’s not like they haven’t been around for t storms before, but they were asleep for them didn’t wake up.  This time they were fully aware of what was going on.  Aidan was by far the most scared.  When the first boom of thunder happened he had this sheer look of panic on his face.  He’s never clung to me so hard before in his little life.

Thankfully it ended and we were able to carry on with our routine and all go to bed.  I am tired of the rain.  I’m tired of being stuck inside with 3 kids who want nothing more than to go outside and play.  *I* just picked up the dog poop so the lawn is kid friendly, however now the lawn is mushy from all the rain and the ground can’t absorb any more water.  The kids were on the lawn today and were just covered in mud so they all got to have a quick dunk in the pool before going in the house.

I don’t mind rain once and a while, but this is just getting ridiculous. 

In other news, I’m slowly working on getting my house de-cluttered.  I’ve put my foot down.  We need to be cleaner people.  I know that a lot of the stuff we have is 80% kid related and as the kids grow this stuff will become less and less, but let’s be realistic here folks, I still have a few good years of toys left in these kids.  The other 20% is just *I* and I.  However, I was not this messy before I met and lived with *I*.   I’ve just sort of given up and I am starting to hate that.  So it’s time for us to de-clutter.  It’s a slow process but it will be worth it in the end.

Of course our next home will hopefully have more space.  I’d like to have a 4 bedroom home with a finished useable basement in our next house.  We need a place for guests, I need a space for a desk/office and a place for kid related stuff.  We are currently trying to think of some different options for this house.  Put all three kids in Isabelle’s room as it’s the largest and they can be together for a while.  Put the girls together and have Aidan alone, putting a spare bed in Aidan’s room.  And when we have company he can bunk with the girls.  Putting a regular bed in Isabelle’s room and she can bunk with us or the twins…who knows.  I think we need to move things around to see what it’s like, however the doorways aren’t exactly going to be helpful when it comes to the cribs.  Neither of us are going to want to take apart cribs just to test things out.

I’m looking forward to *I’s* time off this weekend.  I think if the weather is nice we will try to take a walk over to the park and take the kids to the splash pad and see how they like that.  And I’d like to get some more work done around the house.  This is a long week for me since he’s been on nights and still has two more to go.  Ugh.  I’m always so tired come the end of these shifts and of course so is he.

I got to clean dog puke up off the dining room carpet yesterday.  That was the highlight of my day…. 😦

Isabelle said “Jersey, no no no bad.”

I was listening but also making dinner so I thought maybe Jersey had just licked her or something.  Then this:

Isabelle: Jersey no no no bad poooop!

Me: Isabelle did Jersey poop?

Isabelle: Uh huh!

Me: (*#&$*#(&$(@*&#$)! to myself.  I’m currently getting dinner out of the oven!!

I go in and check and while it was pooooop as Isabelle had indicated, it was barf.  So I put all three up in their seats to keep them out of it, get their dinner ready and served up.  And begin to clean.  I almost added my own.  There are two things in this world I can’t do: 1. Dog poop and 2. Puke, human or pet.  I will barf if I have to deal with either one and I came close a few times.  All through dinner Isabelle kept telling Jersey she was bad and I kept trying to explain to her she wasn’t bad, sometimes people and pets just get sick.  That doesn’t make them bad.  But she kept at it.  Ah well.  She’ll learn soon enough I guess.

Well I’m off to enjoy yet another evening alone.  And keeping my fingers crossed there will be no storms to scare the kids. 

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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