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Big girl bed and a runny nose

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Isabelle has moved into her her big girl bed and is doing really well!!  Her first attempt in her bed was for a nap and that didn’t go as planned.  Which is what I expected to happen.  Bedtime came and I thought we’d have a harder time keeping her in bed but she went down and as far as we knew had stayed in her bed.

We were having some trouble with Aidan that night so one of the times I was finished with Aidan in their room I decided to check in on Isabelle.  I first looked at the bed and said oh I guess it’s her blanket on the floor but once my eyes adjusted to the light that’s when I saw it was her on the floor.  I don’t believe she feel, I think she just got down and played with her toys and then fell asleep there.  I put her back to bed and she stayed in it for the rest of the night.

Nap times yesterday went really well also.  I think she’s figuring out that’s her bed and it’s okay to stay in it even if it doesn’t have  all the sides on it.  I don’t really mind if she gets out and plays.  The whole point of doing this was so that if she didn’t want to nap she could just play quietly in her room.  Mommy still needs a break even if she doesn’t. 

Aidan has a runny nose due to either a cold or he’s teething.  Isabelle seems to be getting a cough as do I.  Not cool.  His top two teeth are coming in. I feel for the kid, the one looks pretty sore.  I’ve got to get some frozen fruit for him to chew on.  I have fruit here but it’s not great for freezing.

Well due to lack of sleep the other night I’m having a hard time sitting here typing.  Going to catch some zzzz’s before the kids wake.

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