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I think I want to cry

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It works for the kids when something hurts them or doesn’t go their way or when they are tired or hungry or bored.  So I think it’s my turn.  I’m tired, hungry, over worked and tired.  Wait, I said tired already.  I do my best not to complain about being tired.  I do have opportunity during the day to rest.  But sometimes when I’m resting I have that nagging feeling that something should get done.  Makes resting difficult.

Tonight wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either.  We’re having a hard time finding things that Isabelle will eat.  I don’t know why she’s become so picky but that’s what we are dealing with.  I’ve even given her baby food when she asked for a taste just so she can see how terrible it tastes and how much better the stuff is that she has in front of her.  That doesn’t work.  I don’t want to do it often because I don’t want to turn her off food period.  I need help, I don’t know what to feed her and it’s getting harder every day.  I know that she won’t starve herself so her option is to eat or be hungry.  But I guess it’s just hard to be that hard on her when she’s so young.  You want to be 15 and not eat, fine with me, you can make your own darn food and get a job to buy your own darn food.  But she’s not even 2 yet and I just feel like I’m a bad mom if I don’t feed her something.  I have to retreat to my books I think and find some things that she might like to eat.

So the night started off with all three kids crying at the same time at various times for the following reasons:  toys being taken away, falling face first, bending a toenail back, mommy stepping on a toe, more toys being stolen, not enough attention from mommy.  At one point all three were crying and climbing on me to be held.  I only have two arms here kids! 

Then Madeline had her usual meltdown while I was giving Isabelle her bath.  I’d love to know what other moms of multiples with other kids do at bedtime.  I can’t be the only one who finds the night time routine to be a circus?!!  The twins are in a crib to amuse each other, Isabelle is in the tub and I’m keeping an eye on her and helping her clean herself up.  Then I dress Isabelle in the twins room in hopes to stop Madeline from screaming.  Then I set Isabelle up in our bed with the TV.  Yes, I let her watch tv.  It’s that or she has to go to bed at 7pm and while some days this will work, the other days she will just scream at me.  Next I sponge bath a twin in their room, then trade babies and do the next.  Then the twins are back in their bed together.  I close all doors that lead to places Isabelle should not be when left unattended.  I run downstairs, get bottles together.  Grab bouncy chair and run back upstairs.  Check Isabelle, go feed babies.

Put babies to bed, grab bouncy chair, bottles and dirty laundry.  Drop everything in hallway.  Go lay in bed with Isabelle while we watch In the Night Garden.  She loves this show.  Then it’s bedtime for her, tuck her in and close the door.  Pick up laundry, drop in laundry room.  Take bouncy chair and bottles downstairs.  Tidy up living room, possibly kitchen and then collapse on couch.

It’s a zoo here alone at night time and like I said I would love to know how others do it.  Lots of people make comments to us about how busy we must be or wow we have a lot of kids and how do I do it.  Well I do what I have to do to get things done and to make sure my kids are clean and fed and okay.  It’s not easy but that’s just the way it is.  I’m so sick of the comments.  I have to psych myself up to go in to Costco where I get looks like you wouldn’t believe.  Since when is it so freaky to see a family of 5?  If I was a Duggar fine, stare at me all you want, but it’s just me and my three kids and Ian too.  We are not a freak show people!  Now I know I’m tired, I went from talking about bath time to ranting about being out in public.  I need a holiday.  I would like to have a moment alone.  No kids, no nothing.  Just me.  I think all moms should be allowed to check into a hotel with a nice hot tub suite once a month to get away from it all.  Any mom at all should do this and be sure to bring a bottle of wine with you.  And just sit in that tub with your bottle and glass and relax and enjoy the silence and being able to just “sit” and not have to worry about a thing.  Once a month, shouldn’t be too much to ask I don’t think.  Hotels should offer some kind of one night package to moms. 

Well I’m going to go get myself a glass of something and go put my feet up and enjoy having the tv to myself tonight.  To all the mom’s out there, put your feet up with me tonight!

Author: 30fingersandtoes

Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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