30 fingers&toes

"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

A piece of advice….

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If you are a mommy of 3 or even just one very busy little child and you are lacking in the sleep department.  Do not take your favourite authour’s newest book into the tub with you to read.  You will end up buying yourself a new book.

I will note here that I was lucky and woke up before the book hit the water.

Lesson learned.

Better post to follow hopefully tomorrow.   A highlight that I’ll post tonight, Aidan is crawling.

Author: 30fingersandtoes

Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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