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I’m back, after a brief interruption of our internet.  Thankfully the problem was on Bell’s end and not mine.

I only have a moment as I’d like to have a shower today.  Haven’t showered in about 4 days as I’ve just been too tired or the kids have been awake.  The kids are napping, well the twins are and so is Ian.  Isabelle is upstairs talking to herself.  She is certainly working herself out of having a morning nap.  And that’s fine with me but she was having one today whether she wanted to or not. 

It all started when Isabelle was having breakfast.  Because Ian has been on nights I brought Isabelle’s chair back out to the living room as we just were not going to be eating at the table like normal people do.  The trouble with this is that Madeline wants to climb up and stand at the chair and grab at Isabelle’s food.  So back to this morning:  Isabelle is in her chair, I’ve removed Madeline several times from climbing up the chair.   Once Isabelle is done, I remove her and the tray so that Madeline loses interest in the chair.  Well today that didn’t really work.

Madeline climbed up and was standing in front of the chair.  I guess she lost balance and boom.  Along with this boom was the distinct sound that a mouth makes when it gets smacked into something hard.  I grabbed Madeline off the floor because I knew this was going to hurt regardless of my reaction.  It started with one of those silent screams.  You know the kind, where it hurts so bad you can’t even make a noise.  Yep that kind.  And then the screams came.  I held her close and tried to comfort her.  I looked at her mouth and then I saw the bit of blood.  My heart melted for her.  I knew she was in pain because she wacked her two new top teeth really really hard.  Ian grabbed some Tylenol and a cold cloth for her to chew on.  Poor kid.  She felt better once the drugs kicked in. 

So you may wonder how this all landed Isabelle in a “you may not be tired for a nap, but mommy wants a break naptime”.  Well Isabelle saw the attention that Madeline’s fall got her.  So Isabelle decided to “fall down” repeatedly and cry until she got some attention.  At first we played her game and tried to make her feel better.  Then we distracted her with books and some toys but she wanted to keep up this falling down gig.  So playtime over, I’d had enough.  It’s been a long 5 days for me and I still have to get though tonight.

That being said, Isabelle is wailing away and has woken up her sister.  I’m going to go stand in my shower where I can’t hear any of this and enjoy the sound of water falling.  Then it’s lunch time and the games begin again!

Author: 30fingersandtoes

Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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