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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Main Entry: 1nap

Pronunciation: \ˈnap\

Function: intransitive verb

Inflected Form(s): napped; nap·ping

Etymology: Middle English nappen, from Old English hnappian; akin to Old High German hnaffezen to doze

Date: before 12th century

1 : to sleep briefly especially during the day : doze
2 : to be off guard

Someone needs to remind two of my three wonderful little children about the definition of “nap”.

Isabelle is upstairs in her crib and I can hear her saying “puppy” with great enthusiasm.  Madeline is also awake and “talking” to herself.  Her talking turns into hollering however because she is completely miffed she’s still in her room.

At least I will have Aidan rested and smiling when I go up stairs in 40 minutes.

Today we are going to try something new.  Instead of bottles in their bouncy chairs, we are going to have bottles in our highchairs.  I started this earlier with Isabelle when it was just her.  It seems everything I did with her I’m doing much later with the twins.  And a lot of that has to do with timing and also doing things based on how easy they are.  I’d like to get us all eating at the table and now is the time to start that.  Isabelle sits in her booster seat for all her meals it’s time the twins started sitting in their high chairs.  We’ve had the twins in highchairs before but they never seem to last very long.  I know they get bored but I can only pick up the toys they throw off so often before it becomes a game.  So it’s time to toughen up kiddies.  Isabelle is a slow eater and that’s part of the problem.  The twins will be done long before her, but I don’t like to leave them unattended in the living room.  So they have to hang out in their chairs.  Once I get our tree down, hopefully this week, then I can at least let them hang out on the floor.

New Years was good.  Found it a little hard to stay awake.  I think it’s safe to say we all went to bed shortly after midnight.  The twins didn’t sleep well the first night and we had to do some shifting of beds before things worked out well and everyone was sleeping again. 

Well I’ve got to get Isabelle some lunch and get the highchairs ready for the twins.  Hopefully this afternoon’s nap will go a bit smoother so perhaps I can even get in a quick snooze!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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