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One of those days…

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Yep, it’s one of those days again.  I don’t know what started it, perhaps the stiff back and shoulders, the dull drab weather outside, all three kids screaming at once, stubbing my foot, exhaustion…..  I have no idea, but whatever the cause I would like it to go away now.

I’m also just about to bang my head against the wall if I can’t get this project I’m working on to actually work!!  It’s my own fault for starting it so late, but I really don’t have a lot of spare time and sometimes when I do I’m sleeping.  Plus this project usually comes second to housework and other chores.  I hope to figure it out in the next few days.

Well my tree is up, Ian put lights up outside the other night.  I no longer feel like we are the house that Christmas forgot on our block.  The gifts are all wrapped.  There is one left that needs a bit of assembly so Santa dropped that one off early.  I hope to get to that tonight and get it done so I am completely ready to start cleaning up my house for Christmas Day.  My mom has graciously offered to bring and cook Christmas dinner here at our house.  We are also having a few people over during the day that Ian works with.  So it’s going to be a busy little spot.

I wish we were just tidier people.  I know that the kids toys will one day be less but there is all our junk that has to be accounted for.  I wish I was better at keeping everything in a home.  And I’d really love to stop leaving things laying around.  I found our breakfast bar a month ago and once again it’s lost again.  I have half a mind to buy bar stools so that we actually use the darn thing and therefore can’t use it as a junk collector.  Either that or I’m going to put my fish tank there and then we for sure can’t leave stuff laying around.

So I thinned out some of the kids toys.  Probably do it again once Santa comes.  We are going to be able to have one heck of a garage sale this summer.  Too bad we aren’t up north because we could make way more on this stuff there than we will here.  But oh well.  So long as someone can give this stuff a new home.

I forgot to mention, we are adults now and actually have dining room chairs!!!  Not as many as I wanted but 4 will do!!  We also have a few loaners from family, but we’ll be giving those back soon probably.  Feels good to finally have real chairs around the table rather than camping chairs!

Well back to working on my project.  This was a nice little distraction for a bit.  I’ve calmed down and can now try to take a fresh approach to it.

Merry Christmas!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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