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A walk with friends….

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Despite the cold wind, we packed up the kidlets and took them for a walk.  My friend Laura and here Mom came by today for a visit and it was wonderful to see them both.  Madeline and Aidan we packed into their snowsuits and bundled up in the stroller.  Isabelle was in her new winter jacket which were equipped with new mitts from Grandma E.  The twins also had new mitts from her also.  The dogs really enjoyed the walk, Max could be heard barking most of the way!  We took them to the park near our house so they could run around off leash for a little bit before heading home to get out of the cold.

The kids are part way through their afternoon nap and so far it’s not going well.  It had been going quite well until I took Isabelle up for her nap time and she was being little miss giggles too loud.  Then on top of that her puppy was in the twins room.  So I had to open the door to their room and luckily puppy was right there but both twins heard the door open and now they are up wondering why I’m not coming in there to get them despite their crying.

No.  This is a word we are hearing a lot of these days.  And it’s coming from a tiny member of our household.

Me: Isabelle, let’s go upstairs for naptime.
Isabelle: No.

Me:  Isabelle could you please give that toy back to Aidan.
Isabelle: No.

Me:  Isabelle could you please give *insert any object that a child under the age of 2 shouldn’t have in there hands here* that to Mommy.
Isabelle: No.

Me:  Isabelle, do you need your diaper changed?
Isabelle: No.  (despite the aroma coming from her)

You get the idea.  But our most favourite use of the word is when she says “No no no no no Manny”  (Manny= Maddy in Isabelle language)  This is the use of “No” we hear the most of since Madeline has started crawling and basically touching everything.  Isabelle is trying her best.  There are a few things that we are okay with her snatching back from the twins but we are trying to teach her that they can play with the toys also.  It will be nice when Christmas comes because Isabelle will get some more toys that are a little more specific for her in age.  Right now they are all playing with toys that are just starting to be too young for her but the right age for the twins.

I’m slowly getting into Christmas mode.  I’m about to start my cards and hopefully they will be ready and done on time this year.  I don’t think I’ve done cards in a few years because I just kept putting them off and then it was too late.  However this year we are now a little more centrally located so it should be a bit better.

I’m off to enjoy a few moments of quiet before I get the kids up and start getting dinner ready.  I can’t wait for the weekend to come.  It’s the weekend of our little mini trip to TO!  It’s going to be fun, Isabelle has already been wearing her bathing suit around the house getting ready for the pool at the hotel!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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