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Having a hard time finding time…

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Let me set the scene for you on how things have been lately:

Me: Put the kids down for nap, check.  Go downstairs, finally have something for breakfast, check.  Sit down at computer and open blog writer, check.  Start typing, … zzzzzzzzz.  (The zzzz’s represent me falling asleep sitting up at my computer.)

People walking by my open front window:  Is that woman asleep?? 

Note to self, stop opening front blinds in the morning if you plan on napping sitting up in your living room.  I know I shouldn’t do this and my chiropractor would probably hang me by my toenails for doing this but lately I just can’t help it.  I have been falling asleep doing pretty much everything. 

Here’s the reason, Ian brought germs home with him a week or so ago.  He’s been sleeping in our dining room ever since.  So things were okay except for the fact that this left me on kid duty night and day.  And of course the first kid sick is Aidan.  He got a fever of 38.9 at it’s highest.  Add in a dose of teething and a slightly runny nose.  So I was up a lot with him and then of course I need to care for all three during the day.  Ian was down for the count the first few days.  We did our best to keep him away from the kids and myself.

Next Isabelle got a fever.  Her’s went up to 40.1 at it’s highest which earned her a trip to the Dr’s office.  She was put on Tamiflu to try and stop any further sickness.  We were worried she was coming down with this H1N1, but it was hard to tell because the only symptom she was showing was the high fever.  She did get a runny nose for about a day but with the help of the Tamiful she was better in 3-4 days.  So now that left Madeline and I just waiting for the germs to hit us.  So far we’ve been lucky.  Ian is still suffering from his cold.  He’s got a cough and a lot of junk in his chest that is taking it’s time leaving.

I just got an email from our family Dr and she’s got the H1N1 vaccine available at her office so I guess it’s time to book an appointment for the children.  I didn’t bother taking them to any of these 5 hour line up clinics since I figured if their dad didn’t get them sick then waiting in line with that many possible germ carries would do the trick.  So today I’ll call the office and book a time to cram all three kids into her tiny office and get them poked yet again.

I will not be getting the needle.  Ian got it through work already this past week.  I seem to react poorly to the regular flue shot so I’m not going to subject myself to another reaction.  I rarely leave the house as it is and I do my best to keep my hands clean etc.  I’ll just make my own bubble and live in it for a while!

In other news, Aidan finally has a tooth!!!  It broke though the other day.  We think he other bottom tooth is trying to break though also.  He’s been a cranky kid the last day or so and now we know why!  Madeline is desperately trying to figure out how to move.  She wants to crawl so badly she gets pissed off when she can’t move.  My Mom was over the other day visiting and helping out, she and Isabelle were playing with Play-Doh on the floor and we put Madeline down on the floor but away from them, well was she ever pissed.  You should have seen the look on her face when she realized that we had put her down but no where near where she could reach.  I swear if looks could kill.  She really wants to be where the party is and I think Isabelle is in for a real life changing surprise once Madeline starts moving.

Isabelle has discovered “No”.  She hasn’t said it to us yet, but she does say it sternly when one of the twins has something she feels is hers.  We are trying somehow to teach that all the toys are for everyone.  We do keep some seperate for Isabelle but there isn’t much can be done when she plays with those ones around the twins.  I’m looking forward to getting some more age appropriate toys for Isabelle.  I’d love to buy them all now, and I’ve got some but Christmas and her birthday are coming.  Don’t want to give her all this stuff before then.  I think she’s getting bored with the things we’ve got and I don’t blame her as they are mostly for the babies.  I think I’ll be packing some toys up after the holidays and either selling them or putting them aside for any future nieces of nephews!  HINT HINT MEGAN AND CHRIS!  Just kidding, get married first and then the new clock will start ticking away!

Isabelle loves play-doh.  I’ve bought some finger paints for her also, but I’m saving that activity for when Ian can be with the twins and I can have one on one time with Isabelle.  And also for a time when I can actually use my kitchen table.  It’s currently blocked by Ian’s sick bed.  From what I’ve heard from some of Santa’s helpers, Isabelle is getting some pretty sweet stuff this year.  So she shouldn’t be getting bored and getting into all of Mommy’s things.

Our house has become a “gated community”.  Oddly enough it’s more so for the dogs than the kids at this point.  Let me set the scene…first lets go back in time a few weekends ago…..

Me: sleeping soundly until I hear Aidan screaming.  I open my eyes and look to see if I can poke Ian to go get him.  I’d been up with him a few times already that night.  But when I open my eyes I see that Ian is not there.  I roll over and go to Aidan.  Bring him to bed with me.  Wondering where Ian is I try to go back to sleep with Aidan kicking me in the boobs.  A few minutes later I give up and decide to take him downstairs.  As I descend the stairs the smell starts to hit me.  Do you know where I’m going with this one?

I walk to the living room where I see Ian on his hands and knees washing the carpet.

Ian: Dogs were bugging me so I came down to let them out, smelt smell.  Saw dog shit all over carpet.  Put dogs outside and proceeded to clean up dog shit.

Me: WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Fast forward to this past Friday.  Mom and I packed up the kids and went to Square One mall for some shopping and fun time away from my house.  I said to msyelf “ Should I leave the dogs in the house or outside?”  I decided to go for inside because I didn’t want them barking at every person or noise thoughtout the day.  Plus we were only going to be gone for 5 hours max.

Get home, open front door.  Immediately close front door and curse.  Dog shit.  Open door again and look in, dogs are happy to see me but I’m not returning the happiness.  Dog shit EVERYWHERE!  And not in lumps either, wet puddles!!!  Just like the last time. 

Me:  That’s it dogs for sale!!

We had to get the kids in the house and to bed for their naps.  And then I called Ian to let him know that this had happened and how mad I was.  Then I had to start cleaning it up.  I nearly lost my awesome lunch I had at the mall.  At least this time I wasn’t going to a wedding later in the day like last time it happened.  So now there are gates in my house.  They are not allowed in my living room unless we are home.  They are not allowed anywhere upstairs unless we are home and they are not allowed in my dining room unless we are home.  They are not happy but too bad.  I can’t afford to replace carpet just yet so this has to last and it won’t if they keep shitting all over it.

Well this is where my stories end today.  Aidan is upstairs screaming his head off.  He seems to think that when he wakes up that means it’s time to get out of his crib that very moment.  I on the other hand feel differently about that one.  I’ll let you know how the needle goes for the kids.  Tried to book appointment and now have to wait for them to call me with one.  Apparently they need twenty people to do it.  Forgot to ask how many more there was to go until they had their numbers.  Ah well.

Away I go to wipe away tears and clean bums and feed bottles and lunch for Isabelle and I.  When I have time, if I have time I’ll post again.

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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