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Some peace and quiet

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So everyone seems to be on a schedule these days. I’m happy to report that the twins are sleeping though the night with a little help from the cereal fairy. I started putting cereal in their bedtime bottles and this has been working wonders for us so far. Aidan has had a few wake ups but has either cried him self back to sleep because we were too tired to hear him or he was able to sooth himself and hang on until it was an appropriate time to be awake.

One or both of the babies usually wakes before 7am, but I let them talk and cry to each other until 730am. They don’t get their morning bottle until 8am so I personally don’t feel the need to be up before 730. They are starting to be a little more okay with being in their beds until Mommy is ready to start her day. Our bed is slowly killing me so I get up around 7am take some pills that will kick in my 730 so I can actually move about the house. I take each kid down one at at time or if Isabelle is up she will climb down the stairs while I take one of the twins. I get everyone set up with breakfast and bottles and then our day officially has started. The babies eat and then play for a while and then it’s time to gate Isabelle into the living room so I can take them up one at a time for their naps.

I have recently decided that it’s time to stop taking the easy way out for the twins nap time and that instead of being in their swings they should be in their cribs. So yes, this means hauling them up one at a time, nevermind climbing over the gate too. Isabelle gets to stay up for about 30 mintues longer and then it’s time to make another trip up the stairs. She can at least take herself up so I don’t have to. Then I get about two hours to myself. However, during this time the babies seem to wake up frequently and cry each other back to sleep. Isabelle has also woken up a few times, thank you babies.

Nap time seemed to be going well for the last few days. I was even able to catch a bit of shut eye, but I think that mainly has to do with the fact I’m exhausted and could sleep just about anywhere and anytime. Then yesterday happened. Babies slept well in the morning. But the afternoon nap didn’t go as well. The twins were quiet for the first bit and then Madeline was just unhappy and seemed to be waking herself quite a bit. I’m a fan of the cry it out method, and the not picking them up all the time method. All my kids are going to have to be okay with Mommy not always being able to hold them when something is going wrong, I just don’t have enough arms.

I put Isabelle down for her nap and decided it would just be easier if I stayed upstairs for my nap since I was probably going to have to take Madeline out of the room if she kept up the noise. Well I just went unconcscious and decided Madeline was better off crying in her bed rather than in mine with me snoring. Everyone else was okay so she would live too. 4pm rolls around and it’s time to feed the twins. I take them down one at a time and then decide I should get Isabelle also since I don’t want her sleeping too late. So I run up, and open her door and there is Isabelle……naked. Completely naked. Oh and standing in a rather large wet spot in her crib. One day Isabelle is going to grow up and probably find this blog and hate me but I can live with that because it was funny. BUT, I could not laugh. I don’t want her thinking that she can do this every time. So I pick her up, grab her a diaper, toss her on my bed, wipe her down a bit slap a diaper on her and grab some clothes to put on her. And go feed the babies.

This is the second time in Isabelle’s tiny life that she has done this to us. The first time we were lucky and there was no pee to deal with. But it’s not eve pee that worries me, what if there is something else one time!! Ugh. Anyways, I’ve got to start a bit of research as to how to handle Isabelle stripping herself down. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, love to hear them.

This month I still have to get the twins to the Dr and get their vaccinations done and just a check up to make sure everyone is growing properly. Just by looking at them I know they are happy and healthy but it’s good to have the medical seal of approval. We met with the Dr that is going to be our family Dr and she seems like a nice person. Her office is fairly small which mean I’ll have to bring the kids one at a time. Her office is also in the basement of the building so that makes life a little harder also since the double stroller won’t fit in their elevator and I still have a hard time carrying things. I’ll be all fixed up one day!

We just had a gas fitter guy here to hook us up to have a natural gas BBQ. So now all we need is the BBQ and we’re golden for the rest of the summer. We have a busy weekend coming up. Going to visit with some family we haven’t seen in a while. They are coming here which is nice because then we don’t have to pack the kiddies around. But there is always the fun part of getting ready for things like this. We’ve made more progress with the house so that’s good. It’s starting to look a little less like a box factory. However more and more it’s looking like a babies r us store. We can thank the twins for that. 2 baby seats, 2 bumbo chairs, piles of diapers just waiting to be used, wipes etc…

I think I’ve adjusted to the weather again. It’s been hard being back in Ontario weather. The dogs are working on adjusting also. There are days they still can’t go out much because it’s just too humid and hot but other days they are able to be out there all day. We’ve had a hard time keeping tabs on our lawn. We had hardly any rain so it wasn’t growing, then we had a week of rain, and it grew like crazy and then of course every day we woke up and finally had time to cut the lawn, it would rain. So now we can’t even let Isabelle out back for fear of losing her in the long grass! Add that to our list of things to do this weekend.

Well the kiddies are all starting to stir and I’d like to get my feet up for a few minutes before it’s time to bring them down. I’ve posted some pictures to the photo site and I’ll try to post some more again when I have another moment of free time. Perhaps next week!

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