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Teeth make for a cranky kid

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Teeth, teeth and more teeth. Poor Isabelle. Isabelle has been getting molars. She got 3 at once!! The fourth is making it’s way though the gums now. She was pretty cranky getting the 3 at once and I certainly don’t blame her. She also had a runny nose from teething. In the past with her other teeth she barely even noticed they were coming in. She may have had a runny nose but it didn’t last long. A week ago it felt like she was the queen of snot. It’s getting better now which is nice, I don’t have to chase her around with a kleenex in hand.

We’ve discovered that Isabelle has a love for grapes and pineapple. So we’ve been buying lots of it to keep her happy at meal times. She’s doing really well with eating. She likes to take her time and taste her food which is nice for us because it means she can take part in family meals. I’m glad she doesn’t wolf down her food and then want out of her chair while the rest of us eat. She enjoys being a part of the family meal. She sure gets a lot of attention during this time.

Our stay at the in laws is going well. We are a bit cramped around the kitchen table at times, but I think it’s nice. We sometimes have to eat in shifts because Madeline or Aidan are choosing that time to be awake and fussy. The driveway is also a little on the full side as Ian and I bought two vehicles. Add that in to the 4 other vehicles that are parked at the house and it makes for a bit of a full driveway. We have to make sure that Megan can get out for work in the morning or if Bonnie needs to go out we have to do a bit of a shuffle. As for what kind of vehicles, we have a minivan and a Jetta. The van is pretty sweet, it has stow and go seating which is awesome since we have 3 kiddies in car seats. Isabelle is at the back and the twins are in the middle captain seats.

I’ve found that it’s just easier to put Isabelle in though the trunk of the van. This will become a little more complicated if there is something in the trunk. It will be better once Isabelle can pop herself into her own seat. The Jetta is pretty awesome because it’s a diesel. This will come in handy for Ian’s commute to work.

Now that we are home owners we have to look at buying everything for the home. The list is pretty long seeing as how we have a kitchen table but no chairs and a coffee table but no other living room furniture, a bed but no frame or other bedroom furniture. A yard, but no lawn mower or bbq or hose etc. IKEA here I come!!!

Madeline and Aidan are doing well. They go for a well baby check up next week. Grandpa is coming with us since Ian heads back up north on Sunday. They will get weighed and measured and as well have their two month immunizations. I hate getting these because it makes them cry, but I can deal with the crying if it means they don’t get sick. Small price to pay.
Aidan seems to be having some troubles with gas these days. Madeline does also but not the same as Aidan. I hope this comes to an end soon since I don’t like hearing them cry out in pain. I’ll post an update about them after their appointment. We are going tomorrow to get their photos done with Isabelle. It will be nice to a have photo of all three. I think once we move and get settled we’ll work on a family photo. We’d do it on this trip but Ian looks like the bushman.

Ian is headed back up north on Sunday for work stuff and to hopefully get our move date pushed up a little so that he can be back for the possession date of our house. We have a bunch of stuff to sign at that point and it would be a lot better if he was here rather than having to send it all back and forth through the mail. I’m sad to see him go. It’s going to give me a pretty good taste of what it will feel like with him going back to work. I was hoping the twins would have been on a bit better schedule by now but we will see what happens in the next few weeks. I don’t know when Ian is starting his new job but I would guess he would be needed at work within a few days of us getting to Milton.

Well I’m off to bed, the babies are asleep in their car seats as we took them for a walk and then a drive to get them to sleep. I have no idea how long they are going to sleep for so I may be sleeping on the couch for a while. I’ll try to take some photos of the kiddies over the next week or so and post them to the photo site.

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