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The countdown is on…

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3 sleeps until we leave Tuktoyaktuk for the last time, well the kids and myself that is, Ian will have to come back for work and for the movers. Ask me if I’m at all ready. The answer is no. I have managed to get some clothes in a suit case for the kids today. I haven’t even touched my own clothing. Ian and I are going to have to pack as little as possible for ourselves because we are going to need the room for all the stuff we need to get the kids across Canada.

The dogs will be staying behind in Inuvik with a friend of ours. When Ian makes his official move back they will travel with him. We figured that trying to get from Tuk to London On with 3 small children and two dogs was just going to be too much for us. I’ve got all our tickets booked, hotels, cars and anything else that is required just to get us home to Ontario. Our plan is to leave Tuk on Saturday, visit with our friends in Inuvik and say goodbye. Then we go to YK on Sunday and spend the night again. Then we fly to Calgary for 2 days and then we fly to London and drive to Tecumseh. It’s going to be a long trip and I hope that the chaos will be minimal. We will have all three kids in car seats for the flights. We just decided that this would be best despite it being the most expensive way to fly. We could have just had Isabelle in her seat and hold the twins, but where do you put a twin is Isabelle is freaking out or needs to be changed. Never thought I’d be calling an airline and asking to book 5 seats at full fare price. That’s right, they don’t offer a discount on a child until they are 2 years of age. Then you can get the seat for 50% off. Nice huh.

Kid updates:

Isabelle is doing well. She’s got 4 more teeth all coming in at the same time. She needs to get her first hair cut because her hair is always in her face. She is starting to show some jealousy/anger about how much attention the twins are getting. She has sat on Aidan twice and Madeline once. She has pulled on my shirt sleeve while screaming at me and then slapped my leg while screaming also. All this after being told to not touch the printer. She does love to give the twins kisses. They may not be the most gentle kisses but at least she’s showing some affection rather than aggression. She is also giving us kisses and hugs. She says “babies”, “puppies”, and “mom.” She can also shake her head to say yes and no, however she doesn’t always use the right head shake for what she wants or thinks.

Madeline: her new nick name is “the tank” because of how much she likes to eat. She’s got the most adorable chubby cheeks. She is not at all patient waiting for a bottle. She also hates being in a dirty diaper. What cracks me up is that she wants so badly to be changed, especially when wet, so I change her and then as I’m doing up her sleeper I can feel that it’s warm again! I think she just likes to pee in her diapers and have us change her every 10 minutes! She’s holding up her head really well. I’ve seen her smile once or twice and they weren’t gas or sleep or pee related. She’s going to be a pretty cute girl as she gets bigger. She still has all the hair she was born with.

Aidan: his new name is “old man” because he’s balding. Aidan is getting bigger every day which I’m happy about since he seemed to tiny while we were in the hospital. I know that he didn’t lose more that 10% of his body weight but he did get close because he was so lazy in the beginning days of his life. But he’s doing really well now. He’s quite alert and loves to look around and check out his world. He’s doing better at holding his head up but he’s still kind of floppy.

Well I’d love to keep posting but Madeline is having her fussy time and I should go relieve Ian before his ear drums burst. Can’t wait to be back in Ontario! Then the real fun starts, house hunting!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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