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3 week update

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The twins are 3 weeks now. We finally got them in for a quick check up at the nursing station this week. That was an event! You have no idea how interesting it is to get 3 kids out of the house and into a vehicle that doesn’t fit 3 kids and only have two adults! First, we got the twins changed and dressed and packed into their carseats. Next we woke Isabelle up from her nap, got her ready and dressed. Ian took Isabelle out to the truck first, then drove the truck closer to the house so that I didn’t have to carry a baby too far. I can lift them just fine but I still shouldn’t really be lifting them in their seats. Then Ian came back in the house and he took Madeline and I took Aidan. The only reason Ian didn’t carry both is because it’s too dangerous with our front stairs and walkway to the truck. You can go down most of our stairs, but towards the bottom it’s just a hill of snow. Then you walk towards the the truck and go up another small snow hill and then down again. And it’s just a bit to slippery. So it’s safer if we each had a baby. Aidan being the lighter of the two was easier for me to carry. Then we clipped Madeline in the back with Isabelle and Aidan had to be on my lap in the front. Breaking so many laws just to get to the health unit!!

We actually managed to arrive on time! Getting in the building was just as intersting as getting out of the house. We both took a baby, while Isabelle stayed and made sure no one stole the truck. I took Madeline and Aidan in the building once we were up the stairs. Ian went back to get Isabelle and then came in with her.

Once in, the head nurse was very excited to see us as were the rest of the staff on duty that day. They all knew we were having twins but hadn’t seen them yet. So the appointment was just to check their weights and make sure that they were gaining from the time they had gotten home from hospital. Madeline was 8lbs at birth and is now 9lbs 5oz, Aidan was 7lbs at birth and is now 8lbs 3oz. The nurse said they both look good and was happy with the amount they are eating. Next week we get to do the whole thing again because it will be time for their 1 month immunization.

Isabelle had a check up with the dental team. They checked her teeth and said that everything looks wonderful. I’m sure it does compared to a lot of the childrens teeth they see up here. I’m sure there are kids Isabelle’s age who have terrible teeth because they are eating terrible things already. I’ve seen a child Isabelle’s age being given pop and that just horrifies me! The one hygenist is going to drop by with a toothbrush for Isabelle. I already have a few but I think it’s also a good excuse for her to come by and see the twins!

We had a garage sale yesterday. They go nuts for those up here!! We sold quite a bit and made quite a bit of money. We were mostly selling our barge items that we know we won’t get to use before we move. It was nice to make a bit of money back. We also sold our truck. Well the person is getting the funds organized and has until next week, if they don’t get it then it’s back on the market. But at least for now we aren’t taking any more offers. One offer we got was for $5000.00 now, $1000.00 at the end of the month and then $2000.00 worth of carvings. We had to explain that while we would love carvings, we also need just $$ as we have to buy another vehicle when we move and that most dealerships probably don’t accept carvings as a down payment.

We are going to have another sale towards the end of our time here. We have several more things to sell. We are really trying to eliminate any kind of possible weight issuse the moving company might have. But also you can sell things up here for what you paid for if not more. So might as well sell and buy new rather than worrying about things showing up broken! I think we might even try to sell our cribs up here. We sold a few baby items already and they were sold before Ian could even get them out to the garage!

Well that’s all I have for now. Everyone is doing well. It’s late and we have to feed the kids once more and then try to get a few hours sleep before they are ready to do it all over again. I think a growth spurt is coming on, Aidan has been feeding a lot today. Feels like I’ve hardly put him down! I’m sure we’ll take more photos this week and I’ll do my best to post them.

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